Using gCAD3D

Graphic functions VWR (viewer) MAN (manual text entry) CAD (interactive graphic modelling) Menu - File Menu - SubModels Menu - Options Menu - Display Menu - Modify Menu Select Menu - Group Menu - Standards Menu - Catalog Menu Application Menu Process Menu Plugin Menu Remote Measure Search / Name Interaction Checkbox - Hide, View Checkbox - Search/Name Checkbox - RotCen Checkbox - 3D, Shade Keycodes

menu - File:

New Open Model Insert Import Mockup native save Model (as) compress native Models Print

menu - Submodels:

See multi-model support See use submodels (position) See create assembly activate submodel activate a submodel or the main model. "- Main - is the main model. After creating a submodel: back to the main model, continue with use submodels move main -> new submodel move all objects in the main model into a submodel. See use submodels create new submodel create a new (empty) create submodel and activate it. save Submodel to File write the currently active submodel into a file. It can be loaded normally or be used as an external submodel. load Submodel from File a model is loaded but not as the main model but as an internal submodel. Submodellname is the filename of the loaded model. The submodel is not yet visible; see use submodels rename Submodel delete Submodel modify position of submodel

menu - Options:

compile DLLs if ON: before loading a DLL - unload this DLL, recompile it, relink it and load again. (A debug function). Interaction if ON: Interaction is also active in CAD or MAN In mode VWR interaction is always active. MainToolBar if OFF: the main function bar at the top will disappear. MessageToolBar if OFF: messagewindow at the bottom is hidden. ScreenCast ON Only for Gtk3, if ON: - pressing the mousebuttons is indicated - pressing the keyboardbuttons is indicated BrowserWindow OFF if OFF: the browserwindow at the left side is hidden. RemoteControl OFF if OFF: RemoteControl is not active.

menu - Display:

ObjName Representation of the names of the text elements, eg "P20". Representation of the direction of all the processing paths by arrows. NC-text Of NC-toolbox (as text) at the respective positions. Shown are e.g. all insert text, STOP .... point display OFF Hide all points. plane display OFF Hide all layers. solid display OFF Hide all solids.

menu - Modify:

model position Curve-> Circ
Linetyp SurfaceStyle SurfaceColor surface transparency solid 50% - transparent transparent (fully transparent) SurfaceTexture object names See Search /Name .
Edit (F3) Open the currently active line of code with the system editor. APT-Clean (F4) Permanently delete all previousely deleted codes. Delete last Obj (Ctrl-Z) delete Last generated object. Restore last deleted (Ctrl-Y) reactivate last deleted object.

menu - Group:

Obj add (remove) All subsequently selected objects are added to the group. Select an object again, remove from the group.

save Group -> File Write all objects in the group to a file (native format -. Gcad)

checkbox - Hide /View

Hide: - hide individual objects: select are any graphic object to hide. View: - redraw hidden objects: all currently hidden elements will be displayed; Select items to be shown again

checkbox - Modify /Delete

Select the checkbox "Modify /Delete" and the geometric object - or select the object while holding down the Control key; It is now the following menu appears: <<--prv nxt-->> shows all objects depending from the selected object Modify items Modify / Return key or the right mouse button Delete items delete / delete-key (Del) key Done End / Ctrl-right mouse button Delete: You will see the object and all its auxiliary objects. Each single object must be removed by using the delete key. Retrieving deleted objects using the key Ctrl-Y. Example: 1 P20 = P (-16.71 -32.4 0) 2 P21 = P (-0.83 -22.12 0) 3 P22 = P (-2.1 -30.41 0) 4 L20 = P20 P21 5 L21 L20 P22 = CUT Property P20 has 2 dependent objects: L20, L21. L21 object has 4 auxiliary objects: L20 P20 P21 P2.

checkbox - 3D, Shade

3D: OFF: the model can not be rotated, the view plane is fixed. For 2D plan view: Button "Top", then "3D" OFF. Shade: OFF: surfaces and solids are presented only as a wire model. ON: Solids and surfaces are shaded.