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Linetypes Surfaces


The linetyp (a number 0-44) defines color, dashing and line-thickness. All linetypes are defined in a file. Modifiy the linetyp of a line, circle or curve with: Modify/Linetyp (Modify from the toolbar on top) - key in linetyp, - select lines to change Definition Linetyp: Modify/Linetyp (Modify from the toolbar on top) - "edit linetypes" column 3 defines the linetypes eg 2 (index) has linetyp 2 (dashed) - Definition Linetypes


Surface-Display Surface-Color Surface-Texture


Symbolic display (boundary lines) or shaded. Modify the display of surfaces with: Modify/SurfaceStyle - selekt the displaymode - select surface(s) Or in CAD-Mode (fexit aktive CAD-function with Esc Esc): - select surface with right mousebutton, - "shade"


Modify the color of surfaces with: Modify/SurfaceColor - select "define active Color"; when finished the RGB-code of the new default-color is displayed in "active color is .." - select surface(s) - remove Color" - restores the defaultcolor