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Using function MAN:

Mainfunction MAN (manual). All objectcodes will be displayed in an editwindow left of grafic window. The codes can be created / modified / deleted with the editor. The grafic represetation is displayed immediately in the grafic window. Enable function MAN: Select the MAN checkbox.
Creating objects: Create the codelines in the editwindow, Activate line with the RETURN key or right mouse button "OK". The line will be processed, resulting objects are displayed. A codeline for a graphic object consists of: object-ID = parameters. Example point: P10 = P(100 100 0) Codedefinitions see gCAD3D-Codes New object-ID can be produced with - - the Alt-key and the object character; Alt-P produces the text "P20 =" (line must be empty). Further: Alt-L line, Alt-C circle, Alt-S curve etc.. - or left-mouse-button into grafic-area, select required obj.type. Geometrical objects (points, curves ..) can be selected as parameters. The object-ID of the selected object is added in the editwindow. No object ("indicate"): the cursorposition at the constructionplane is added as a pointobject.
Modifying / deleting objects: Activate the codeline: - click into the codeline or - go up / down with the cursorkeys Going up or down with the cursorkeys displays the objects of all preceding codelines, the last codeline always is displayed in hilite-color. Modify or delete the codeline in the editwindow. EditFunctions: Text select: - with mouse (multiple lines with shift-key + mouse) - or shift-key + cursorKeys Delete and Copy selected text: Ctrl-X or Copy selected text: Ctrl-C Paste text: Ctrl-V Select object-ID/expression left of cursor with key Esc. Go back to the end of the model: - with the button "END". - or go down with the cursorkeys
Searching for objects: Search geometric-obj in editor: Select the object with the right mousebutton; use function "edit" (the active line in the editor must be empty). The cursor in the editwindow will be placed in the codeline belonging to the object. Search text in editor: Key Ctrl-F, key text, key Tab, key Enter ("OK") Search obj by objID in editor (objID eg "L123"): Select checkbox Search/Name in MainToolbar; key objID; select edit-button. Goto lineNumber in editor: Key Ctrl-L, key lineNumber, key Tab, key Enter ("OK")
STEP - Button Execute the codelines in single-step-mode. END - Button Execute the complete code. Interrupt the process with the Esc-key.
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