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===================================================================== - install development-tools git gitk ctags cscope vim for modifications of the gui-system C-KIT-GUI-GTK: Gtk-development-files (libgtk-3-dev and/or libgtk2.0-dev), OpenGL-development-files (eg mesa-common-dev, libglu1-mesa-dev). Installation of gtk3-development-files; eg for debian-os: sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev Optional: sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-doc sudo apt-get install gtk-3-examples Installation of gtk2-development-files; eg for debian-os: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev Optional: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-doc sudo apt-get install gtk2.0-examples for building debian-package: fakeroot, lintian ===================================================================== CUSTOMIZING-DEVELOPMENT-TOOLS ===================================================================== Customize vim: cd ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/src/APP/ cp .vimrc ~/. cp .vimdoc ~/. mkdir ~/.vim/ cp ~/.vim/. Customize cscope: - the editor is predefined in script ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/src/APP/ed with: EDITOR=vim ===================================================================== USING-DEVELOPMENT-TOOLS ===================================================================== The primary tool for accessing the documentation and the sourcecode is cscope + tag-files. Editors with tag-file support: vim and emacs. All tag-files will be created from ctags when building gcad3d. The root-directory for all files and all scripts is ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/src/APP/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- USING cscope: - Use cscope with: cd ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/src/APP ./ed key function or tag to find and key Enter .. exit cscope with Ctrl-d The top-level tag is "INF". --------------------------------------------------------------------- USING vim: .vimrc supports opening of the following filetypes: - open html-file with browser in vim with Ctrl-f - eg place cursor on the following filename and key Ctrl-f ../../doc/html/Plugin_en.htm - open images with Ctrl-f eg ../../doc/html/img_doc_sur_loft1.jpg Vim opens all other filetypes direct - - open sourcefiles, textfiles with Ctrl-f - eg place cursor on one of the words in the following line and key Ctrl-f ../inf/infotext.c ../db/ut_DB.c ../../doc/msg/msg_de.txt return with Ctrl-o Vim opens functions and tags with Ctrl-r - eg place cursor on one of the words in the following line and key Ctrl-r INF_obj_types DB DB_GetPoint UT3D_vc_perpvcvc UT3D UT3D_acos_2vc return with Ctrl-o Vim opens the file ~.vimdoc (additional infos) with Ctrl-h return with Ctrl-o ===================================================================== OBSOLETE: - old documentation files: ../../doc/gcad_doxygen/Programminginfos.dox ../../doc/gcad_doxygen/ProgramFlow.dox ===================================================================== ../../doc/html/dev_doc_en.htm EOF