Mainfunction VWR (Viewer)

The objects are displayed but cannot be modified or deleted. Mousefunctions Graphics Views Viewports Hide / View


Left mousebutton: select object or indicate position or start selection of group With Ctrl-key pressed: suppress object-selection Right mousebutton: select object AND call one of the functions for that object. With Ctrl-key pressed: suppress object-selection (activate a function for the group already selected)


Select object: press left mousebutton (and keep pressed); if only one object under cursor, no menu appears - release mousebutton; else select one of the objects (subObjects) of the menu and release mousebutton; Select group: press Ctrl-key (and keep pressed); press left mousebutton (and keep pressed); drag mouse Clear group with Esc-key. How to move, zoom, rotate the view: Moving scene with Shift drag Press (and hold) the shift-key and move the mouse. No mouse button. Zoom in/out with Control + Shift drag Press and hold the Shift-key and the Ctrl-key and move the mouse. Moving from left to right causes the image to enlarge. Or using the mousewheel. 3D rotation with Ctrl drag Press (and hold) the Ctrl-key and move the mouse. Horizontal movement of the mouse rotates the part in the image plane (the center of rotation is always the screen center). Vertical movement of the mouse tilts the part in the image plane.

Define the display center: Enable checkbox RotCen and select the new center - Select a vertex or - Select a free point (Ctrl drag, pick then a red point) The currently active display- and rotation-center is indicated by a white axis-system (in the center of the grafic-scene. Scal.All - Button: Display all objects (sets focus and zoom). Mdl - Button: Setting a fixed enlargement, according to the value of MODSIZ (approximate maximum size of the model). Change MODSIZ by function MODSIZ Standards/Tolerances/Modelsize, or by Command MODSIZ {value} Define representation accuracy for circles, ellipses, curves: Standards/Tolerances (in the menu bar above) Change the Modelsize, 'Modify'. This will automatically derive the tolerances and the whole model is immediately recalculated. The Modelsize directly affects all tolerances; - The poligonalisation-tolerance - Identical-point tolerance - The Model size in the export of mockup models (eg VRML)

Predefined views: TopView - top view (view X-Y) Front - front view (view X-Z) Side - side view (view Y-Z) AxoView - Axonometric View

Viewports: save / restore the current viewport Save active viewport with keys Ctrl plus cursor-up. The number of Viewports is unlimited. Restore the previous stored viewport with keys Ctrl plus cursor-left. Restore the next stored viewport with keys Ctrl plus cursor-right. Remove the last activated viewport with keys Ctrl plus cursor-down. Loading a new model clears all stored viewports.
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