Input - Output

Start File / new Open Model File / Open Model Save Model File / save Model (as)


File / New Clear active model; start new model with modelname unknown.gcad.

File / Open Model Load or import model. Select a filename to be loaded. If the directory is not yet registered, you have provide a symbolic name for that directory. Symbolic paths (default locations): see Standard / directories
DIR-SYM - Button Choose a directory that is already known (use a symbolic path). Choose a general directory. After selecting the directory path is a symbolic name is queried, which is then entered in the default locations. Files are automatically converted to the corresponding file type, An import command is run for mock-up models and bitmaps.
Analytical formats: Analytical description of curves, surfaces. Filetype: .stp STEP .gs IGES .dxf DXF (AutoCAD) .svg SVG/ .gcad gCAD3D-native Mockup Formats: Mockup-models are finished tessellated models, to allow fast import. Filetype: .wrl VRML-1 (VRML-2 dzt nur export) .obj OBJ (WaveFront) .stl STL (Ascii) .3ds 3DS .lwo LWO .tess gCAD3D-native-tessellated Bitmap Formats: This allows images (pixel) images are loaded into the 3D space. File Type: .bmp Microsoft Bitmap .jpg JPEG

File / Insert Additional models/pictures will be loaded to the current model, A corresponding load instruction is run. Submodels are not deleted. Native models (.gcad) are loaded as the main model. In the case of inserting several native models, then existing main Model becomes a new subModel with its position set.

File / Import Mockup native Switch position ON: All mockup models (currently only OBJ) are imported sequentially. Therefore these models (for example TESS or WRL) can be exported again. Switch OFF position (default) All mock-models are directly loaded (very fast), but they cannot be exported or altered.

File / compress_native_models Selects whether to compress the "Save model" the data. The uncompressed fileytpe is .gcad; The compressed filetype is .gcaz. The compression is done with "gzip -qc {uncompressedFile} > {compressedFile}" The decompression is done with "gzip -dqc {compressedFile.} > {uncompressedFile.}" This works for Unix and MS-Windows and you can compress and decompress the models at any time without a cad system. The compression rate is around percent 70%.

File / save Model (as) This saves the main model with all the internal sub-models. (To save only a selection of objects: see Group -> File) Save Model Save (native only) with the current model name. For native data file extension should be.gcad . Native data is displayed in the Edit window texts). Save Model as Save with a new model name - the output format must be selected. Formats: native .gcad analyt. DXF .dxf analyt. Iges .igs analyt. VRML-1 .wrl Mockup VRML-2 (VRML-97) .wrl Mockup STL .stl Mockup OBJ .obj Mockup TESS .tess Mockup NC-ISO .iso NC DIR-SYM - Button Choose a directory that is already known (There is a symbolic path). DIR-NEW - Button Choose a general directory. After selecting the directory path, the selected directory path is then entered in the default location. Mockup-Modelle: Mockup models are finished tessellated models, and allow fast import.

Import Export

Import / Export DXF List of supported DXF object types: Type Import Export POINT X X VERTEX X X LINE X X CIRCLE X X ARC X X POLYLINE X X 3DLINE X X TEXT X X 3DFACE X X DIMENSION X X HATCH - - ELLIPSE X X LWPOLYLINE X - MTEXT X - BLOCK/INSERT - - DXF-R12: export ellipse, clothoid, spline as POLYLINE; DXF-2000: export ellipse as ELLIPSE export splines as SPLINE. export clothoid as POLYLINE. Dimmed objects ("DIM") and hidden objects (with DRAW OFF) are not exported. Tesselated surfaces are output as 3DFACE's (3 corners : Standards/Tolerances).

Import / Export - IGES List of supported IGES object types: Typ Import Export Point 116 X X Line 110 X X Circle 100 X X Param.Spline 112 X X B-Spl.Curve 126 X X B-Spl.Surface 128 X X Polylines 106 Form 11,12 X X CompositeCurve 102 X X Text 212 X X Plane 108 X X Ellipse 104 Form 1 X4 X Subfig.Def. 308 X X Subfig.Ref. 408 X X RuledSurface 118 X X Rev.Surface 120 X X Cylind.surface 122 X 5) CurveOnSurf 142 X X TrimmedSurf. 144 X X X4 Not yet supported: hyperbola, parabola (Form 2, 3). (Form 2, 3). 5) Outputs a Rev.Surf or RuledSurf. Tested with CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 (V5: subfigures be resolved (copied)). References to external submodels are not exported. Dimmed objects ("DIM") and hidden objects with DRAW OFF are not exported.

Import / Export STEP STEP ISO-10303-21 - AP203 - AP214 files can be imported/exported. The import functions are not based on the Express functions. Tested with CATIA V4 and CATIA V5. Colors not yet supported. Export: bodies not yet supported.

Import / Export VRML-1 VRML-1 models are used as mock-ups can be imported/exported (model cannot be edited). EXPORT: - Can export assemblies (subModels) - Cannot re-export mockup subModels (WRL/OBJ/TESS)

Export VRML-2 (VRML-97) - Can export assemblies (subModels) - Cannot re-export mockup submodels (WRL/OBJ/TESS) - Cannot yet export textures

Import / Export WaveFront-OBJ It is currently possible only to import/export OBJ ASCII files. OBJ files can be loaded as models (can be edited) or as mock-up models (cannot be edited). Only the following objects are imported/exported: v Vertices f Faces EXPORT: - Cannot currently export subModel position. - Cannot re-export mockup subModels (WRL/OBJ/TESS).

Import / Export TESS Binary output of tessellated surfaces will be saved to a file of file type .tess (ie. only mockup model data). Description of the file format is given in file gCAD3D_prog_de.txt. EXPORT: - Currently can only export single models (no subModels can be exported) - Cannot re-export Mockup-Submodels (WRL/OBJ/TESS)

Import Bitmap Bitmaps are presented normal to the surface (2D space), and positioned in the lower left corner point in 3D space. Bitmaps are dynamically scaled or fixed. Files in JPEG or BMP format can be imported.

Import Stereolithography Format Ascii-Format. The model is not checked to determine that it is closed.

Import 3DS 3D Studio file format (Autodesk Ltd) Currently, only the surface is imported. Binary format.

Import LWO-Format LIGHTWAVE 3D layered object File Format Currently, only the surface is imported. Binary format.

File / Export NC-ISO Output of the NC machining codes to file /tmp/pp.iso. Additional post-processors available on request.
Export / Print

- export to PDF PS PCL5 HPGL SVG JPG BMP - preview / print to file or printer
Output format options: PS (Vector format) PCL5 (GL-Format) HP-GL Size Selection (only output size for PCL5): A4 or A3 Output function menu options: Preview ( only for PS output format, the default Postscript viewer is gv) Print to File (default filename is /tmp/print.dat) Print Direct (the default command is "lpr -l -P{Defaultdrucker}") Hidden areas will not be output (can be used by for example the program ksnapshot). How it works: An intermediate file is generated {base}/tmp/print.tmp . This is then converted into the chosen output format. The output can be rotated 90 degrees, scaled, and be offset.