Activate the checkbox "Search/Name" or key Ctrl-F Disactivate with checkbox "Search/Name" or delete window. The function allows you to: - Find / edit an object by key-in of the objID (eg. "L123") - Display a list of all objects of a certain type - Filter the list of objects by name / info (Searchpattern) - Display all objects depending on an object ("childs") - Display all objects used for creating an object ("parents") - highlight object (Left Mousebutton) - Create/Edit Objectname/Objectinfo (Right Mousebutton/modify-name) - analyze object (Right Mousebutton) in mode CAD additional: - modify object (Right Mousebutton/edit-object) - delete object (Right Mousebutton/delete-object) - copy objectID into CAD inputfield (Right Mousebutton/copy-to-model) _________________________________________________________________________

Button edit

Find / edit an object by key-in of the objID (eg. "L123") - Key objID into entry "objID", press button "edit" - mode VWR: obj is hilited and added to group; - mode MAN: activates the sourceline defining the obj - mode CAD: activates the CAD-definition of the obj ________________________________________________________

Button search/update

display all objects of selected types - start filling list _________________________________________________________________________


create always new list (and group).


or add to the existing list (and group).


add all objects also to group (see GROUP). _________________________________________________________________________

has infotext (Searchpattern):

Search all objects whose objectName contains the searchpattern. Enter a part of the objectName to be searched; "search/update". Filtering for more than one searchpatterns: separate the words by blanks, words are not case-sensitive. The order is not important, OR is used for all filterwords. Example: "rad pin" displays all objects whose name contains "rad" or "pin".


Displays all objects whose name does NOT contain one of the filterwords

ignore case:

Respect upper/lowercase. _________________________________________________________________________

childs of:

Key-in the ID of an object; all objects depending on this object will be displayed.

parents of:

Key-in the ID of an object; all objects used for creating this object ("parents") will be displayed. Example childs/parents: Programmcode: V20=VAL(110) # Dist.1 P20=P(-53 305 V20) P21=P(-63 188 0) P22=P21 Z(V20) L20=P20 P22 # Line P23=P20 P22 Key-in "P22": Childs of P22: L20 P23 Parents of P22: P21 V20 Childs of L20: - Parents of L20: P20 V20 P22 P21 ____________________________________________________________________________

Left Mousebutton in list:

Displays the object (highlighted) Variables: the value is printed. Vectors: are displayed in the center of the screen.

Right Mousebutton in list:

Pop-up menu: copy-to-Model CAD,MAN only. Puts the ObjectID (eg "P20") into the currently active CAD input-field. edit-object CAD,MAN only. activates object-modification. delete-object CAD,MAN only. activates object-deletion. modify-name Input / modification of the objectname/Info. analyze-object Display parameters of object in ObjectViewer. ____________________________________________________________________________ Storing of the objectName/Info in the Model Code: The objectInfo is inserted as a comment at the end of the Line. Delimiter is " #" (a space and a '#'). Example: "P20=0,0,0 # Origin Nullpunkt BaseLayer" ____________________________________________________________________________