Modify Catalog Create Catalog Delete Catalog Catalog-directory Example CATALOG - This function is used to generate standard parts. After selecting a standard part (Part Catalog) from a norm part of the standard library can be part of a submodel. Using standard-parts: In "CAD" main function mode, select the function "Submodels/M CatalogPart". Select a standard part or a standard parts catalog. Select position, select OK to save. The following line of code is generated: "M# = "/.ctlg" .." Example: M28="Profile/6x4_150.ctlg" P (0 0 0) DZ DIY Profile.ctlg is the catalogfile, 6x4_150 is the partname in the catalogfile Catalogfiles are in the symbolic directory "CATALOG". Catalog-parts are based on a model (filetyp .gcad) and a list of values (filetyp .ctlg). Both files are text (not binary). Catalog-part-files (filetyp .ctlg) are in the symbolic directory "CATALOG". Change it with "Standards/Directories".
Modify Catalog This allows to add additional Parts in an existing parts-catalog. Select a standard part library, then with a modification editor. All standard parts libraries are located in directory {CATALOG}. A standard part library is a text file. The file name must have extention ".ctlg" Each line of a standard part library defines a standard part. The lines starting with '#' are comment lines. The standard definition of a part consists of: Part (name), (Symbolic Model Base Directory / Base Model Name), (Parameters) Part Name: The name of the standard part, max. 64 characters. Symbolic Model Base Directory: The symbolic path of the base model; see Standards / Directories Base Model name: The base model (Type. Gcad) Parameters: Any gCAD3D parameters are separated by semi-colons ';' These codes are in the base model by "CALL CTLG" loaded. Example standard part library Schrau.ctlg in symDir CATALOG: #================================================= # SKS: Hexagonal Screws; # V20 = NennDmr; V21 = Key Width; V22 = Head Thickness; V23 = Length SKS_6x30; Schrau / SKS; V20 = 6; V21 = 10; V22 = 5; V23 = 30; SKS_10x30; Schrau / SKS; V20 = 10; V21 = 17; V22 = 8; V23 = 30; #================================================= # SB: Discs # V20 = innerDmr; V21 = outerDmr; V22 = Thickness SB_6; Schrau / SB; V20 = 6.4; V21 = 12; V22 = 1.8; SB_10; Schrau / SB; V20 = 10.5; V21 = 21; V22 = 2.5; # End of file Example base model SB.gcad: Disc # # V20 = innerDmr # V21 = outerDmr # V22 = thickness V20 = 6.4 V21 = 12 V22 = 1.8 CALL CTLG # Override the variables V20, V21, and V22. V23 = V20 / 2 V24 = V21 / 2 C20 = P (0 0 0) VAL (V23) C21 = P (0 0 0) VAL (V24) DR C22 = P (0 0 V22) VAL (V23) C23 = P (0 0 V22) VAL (V24) DR A20 = C21 C20 A21 = C23 C22 A22 = CYL L (P (0 0 0) DR) VAL (V24) 03600 V22 # # Schrau(be) ist the german word for Screw
Create Catalog Creates a new standard part library. The file name is freely selectable.
Delete Catalog Deleting a standard part library.
Catalog-directory The directory for the catalogparts must be registered in the file for all directories as symbol "CATALOG". With function Standards/Directories the registration can be done / modified. Example Unix (default): CATALOG /home/userName/gCAD3D/ctlg/ The file for all directories is - for installation unix-default: /home/userName/gCAD3D/cfg/dir.lst
Example //---------------------------------------------------------------- Simple example for a catalog-part: //---------------------------------------------------------------- # Create following model test_ctlg1.gcad in directory V20=VAL(10) CALL CTLG C20=P(0 0 0) V20 A20=C20 # create catalog-file test_ctlg1.gcap in directory with - # CAD - Catalog/Create Catalog / test_ctlg1 OK # edit catalog-file test_ctlg1.gcap # CAD - Catalog/Modify Catalog / test_ctlg1 # insert following lines: R_25;CATALOG/test_ctlg1;V20=25; R_100;CATALOG/test_ctlg1;V20=100; # use new catalog: # CAD - subModels "M CatalogPart" / List /