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Checkbox Interaction:

Every CAD object can be connected with a function.
Selection of the object starts the function.

  OFF: Interaction will not be done.

  ON:  Interaction will be done.
       You can select only objects with interaction.

Identification code for Interactions is letter "I".



Connect a CAD object with an interaction. Selecting the CAD objects (Anchor object) triggers the interaction. anchor-object can be any object. Examples of interactions are: - Load a model (such as HTM-HREF; LDMOD) - Change the View position (Change view VIEW) - Start/Run a plug-in program (DLL) (EXECM) - modify a numeric value (MODVAL) - use already defined interaction for another object connect object select an existing anchor-object command commantext, see below command: - Load a model: LOAD "SymbolicDirectory/Model Name" - Viewport change: VIEW (ViewPortData) With Insert/View port (or Alt-Shift-V) you can generate the current viewport data. - Starting a Plug-in Program (DLL): EXECM {DLL-Name} - Modify a numeric value (eg. variable 20): MODVAL V20 modify the y-value (the second value) of point P25 (P25=P(100 200 0)) MODVAL P25 1 - use already defined interaction I20 for new anchor-object I20 Interaction Format: I# = {anchor-object} {command} Examples: # select P20 to modify V20 V20=VAL(100) P20=P(V20 100 0) I20=P20 "MODVAL V20" # # select circle or tag V20=10 P20=P(0 0 0) C20=P20 V20 # info only N21=TAG P(10 0 10) "sel. circ to mod. radius" # modify radius of C20 I21=C20 "MODVAL V20" # modify z-value of P20 N20=TAG P(10 0) 0 "modify-z-of-P20" I20=N20 "MODVAL P20 2" # # Selecting Model1 activates the specified port view. I1 = M1 "VIEW ..." # Selection of text 20 loads the model Assy_H86. I2 = N20 "LDMOD Data/Assy_H86" # Selecting Note 20 starts the plug-in program I3 = N20 "EXECM tst3" # using same interaction for another object: I20 = N20 'VIEW ... " I21 = N21 I20