Supplementary programmes

Normteile (Catalog) Scriptprogramme (Application) Prozesse (NC) Plugin RemoteControl Testtool TSTF


Catalog-parts are based on a model (filetyp .gcad) and a list of values (filetyp .ctlg). Both files are text (not binary). Using standard-parts: In "CAD" function mode, select the function "Submodels/M CatalogPart". See Catalog

Script programs (Application):

Directly executable programme files, (file type .gcap). A dialogue window can be created directly in text code. Activate scripts: Application/Start (or with Ctrl-P). Create / modify scripts using the text editor (Application/Edit). All gCAD codes can be used. See Script programs (Application)


Plugins are load modules, compiled (Language C or other). Plugins can use all internal functions. Plugins can be unloaded at run time, recompiled and then reloaded. System-neutral user interfaces can be created with the GUI-Tool "C-Kit-GUI". Activating plugins: "Plugin/Select-Start" (or Ctrl-P). See Plugins


With RemoteControl you can control the cad-program gCAD3D from programs. All programming languages can be used, even shell-scripts. Input and output is done with textcodes, not binary. Activating RemoteControl-programs: if the program is in directory {home}/binLinux32/remote: start with "Remote/Select-Start" (or Ctrl-P). if the the program is in an other directory: call it from extern (direct). See RemoteControl