File-formate gcad

File structure Format mainmodel / submodels Format Attributes Examples All objects in memory are kept in analytical form with all definition parameters (Ascii text, analytical form) The file format .gcad is the same as the internal format. The objects can also be exported as mock-up elements, tesselated for faster loading in assemblies, but without parametrics. Other analytical export formats: .gcad, .iges Mock-up export formats: Vrml-1, Vrml-2, obj, tess If you save a model file as {base}/tmp/Model, it will be loaded wenn the program starts. {base} normally is ~/gCAD3D/.

File structure gcad

Structure of Model files: The model files contain all subModels, NC-processes and applicationData (data of plugins). The format of the model files is ascii - text. SubModels, Processes and applicationData are embedded into sections, followed by the mainModel. All sections before the mainModel start with: SECTION {sectionTyp} {parameter} and end with: SECTIONEND - subModels SECTION MODEL {modelname} - point Tables SECTION PTAB {modelname} {ObjID} - Meshes SECTION MESH {modelname} {ObjID} - Processes (eg NC) SECTION PROCESS {processName} - applicationData SECTION APPDAT {pluginName} - mainModel .. SECTION MODEL {modelname} - Dynamic-Dataspace (settings, standards, End: ":DYNAMIC_DATA") - Objectdata SECTIONEND SECTION PTAB {modelname}_{ObjID} ptnr={nr of points} {pointCoords, one point per line} SECTIONEND SECTION MESH {modelname}_{ObjID} faces={nr of faces} edgelines={nr of edgelines} {faces (3 indices for one face per line)} edgeline={nr of edgeline} points={nr of points} edgetyp={edgetyp} {edgeline (indices for points)} SECTIONEND SECTION PROCESS {processName} - Objectdata - process-specific-commands SECTIONEND SECTION APPDAT {pluginName} - beliebige Daten; werden nur von der Applikation {pluginName} geschrieben, gelesen. SECTIONEND Das mainModel contains the objectcodes, see Examples.

Format mainmodel / submodels:

- Section DYNAMIC_DATA (optional) - Objectdata Section DYNAMIC_DATA: can have these records: - MODSIZ Modelsize - DEFTX Textsize - VIEW active view - CONST_PL active construction plane - GATAB table graf. attributes - :DYNAMIC_DATA end of section DYNAMIC_DATA Objectdata: see Codes, see Beispiele.

Format Attributes:

The grafic attributes define linientypes, colours, transparency, textures. GATAB starts the grafic-attributes-table, . ENDGATAB end of table. Grafic-Attributes-Records for Lines, Curves: [T#] H hide T index Linetyp; 2=dash, 3=dashDot; see file cfg/ltyp.rc Grafic-Attributes-Records for surfaces: [C [H] [T#] [S#] [X"filename"<,parameters>] H hidden C R-G-B-Colors as 3 x 2 hex-chars; eg. green is C00ff00 T transparent; 0=not, 1=50% transparent, 2=full transparent S symbolic; 0=not, 1=symbolic display X textured surface; Format: X"",X-scale,Y-Scale,X-Offset,Y-Offset,RotAng[,X-vec,Z-Vec] consists of "/" Offsets are Values from 0-1 RotAng in degree Example line with linetype 2 (dashed): GATAB L20 T2 ENDGATAB :DYNAMIC_DATA L20=P(0 0 0) P(100 10 0) #eof Example area with colour: # example GATAB: surface A20 has color e2dc27; surf. A21 is symbolic (not shaded) GATAB A20 Ce2dc27 A21 S1 ENDGATAB :DYNAMIC_DATA C20=P(50 100) 25 C21=P(100 100) 25 A20=C20 A21=C21 #eof


Example mainmodel only: # 2010/11/29-18:37:05 P1=P(0 0) P2=P(200 20) # Line from 2 points L1=P1 P2 # circle from Center, Radius C1=P(50 100) 25 # area from circle A1=C1 # Ende Example model file with subModel: # 2010/11/29-18:37:05 SECTION MODEL SM1 # Cone from 1 Points 2 radius B1=CON P(0 0) P(0 0 12) VAL(16) VAL(12) SECTIONEND # 2 references of submodel M1="SM1" P(0 0) M1="SM1" P(50 0) # End Example model with mesh: SECTION PTAB _A1 ptnr=4 78.206807 -215.069439 0 75.797808 -206.220382 0 82.125568 -204.36855 0 83.557688 -210.647853 0 SECTIONEND SECTION MESH _A2 faces=2 edgelines=1 3 2 1 3 1 0 edgeline=0 points=4 edgetyp=5 3 2 1 0 SECTIONEND A1=PTAB A2=MSH A1
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