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Vectors use the identification letter D (direction). See also: vector codes (what is a vector ..) See also: dynamic vectors

VEC cartes, polar

Create vector. BaseVector basevector see vector [Angle-Rot.] rotation around the z-axis of the active construction-plane [Angle-Tilt] tilting angle in the active construction-plane [Length] Definition of vector length [REVers] Reverse Direction ("REV"; also with Page-Down key) Definition basevector: Definition by entering the components of the axis (eg "0 0 1", a z-vector) Or input of a standard vector (eg "DX") Standardvectors are DX DY DZ DIX DIY DIZ. Or a defined vector (eg "D20"; with Page-Up or Down key or select from the objectbrowser (left side)) Or selection of a line or polygonsegment (or polygonsegment in CCV) or plane or plain surface. Examples: # Vector from X,Y,Z-components: D20=D(0.7 0 0.7) # X-Vector rotated 30 deg. around the z-axis of the active construction-plane # and then 60 deg. tilted. D21=DX ANG(30) ANG(60) # Vector reverted D22=D21 REV

VEC objects

Vectors parallel or right-angled to existing objects. Obj1 Line or curve or surface [Point (on obj)] basepoint for vector (point) [PT or VC] additional object (parallel / normal vector) [Length] Definition of vector length [REVers] Reverse Direction ("REV"; with Page Down key) [parallel-across] parallel (tangential) or normal (rectangular (CX)) Vectors - - between 2 points, with given length, reverse - from line or polygon-segment Normal vectors: - to circle or plane or ellipse - to 3 points (Obj1 (2 points), Point) - to line, point (Obj1, Point) - to 2 lines/vectors (Obj1, -, PT or VC) - to surface (until now only B-SplineSurface) Tangential vectors: - tangential to curve - point on curve (select curve and point on this curve) - parallel to Isoparametric of point on surface (PARL = direction U; CX = V) Examples: # Normal vector to circle D20=C20 # Tangential vector to circle D21=C20 P(C20 0.2) # Vector between points P1, P2; length 100. D5=P1 P2 VAL(100) # Normal vector to line L20: D20=L20 DZ # X-axis-Vector of plane R20 D20=R20 PARL
The following commands must be produced manually:

Vector-Multiplication / Divison

D21 = D20 * 2 D22 = D20 / 2