This functions is replaced by Function TextureEditor. Select surface with right mousebutton - select "Texture".


For textures can JPG and BMP files can be used. Textures can be used for 2D-tags Textures can be applied to Surfaces 2D textures for tags: A picture is display always normal to the viewer. Interactive activation: CAD / N-Image Textures for Surfaces: Interactive activation: Modify / Surface Texture. Textures can be applied to the following types of Surfaces: - Planar surfaces - Meshes. The texture can be scaled, moved and rotated activation(modifiy). Scale and offset for x and y separately defined. Imagecorrection eg with Gimp: - remove distortion: Tools/transformation/perspectiv - crop image: Tools/transformation/crop - scale image: Image/Image scale For normal quality scale one meter to 100 pixels
Load texture from File Load and activate a texture from a file: Select a JPG or BMP file; the texture name is now displayed as active texture. activate Texture from Surf Activate a already used texture : Select a textured surface. (unhilite texture (in mode VWR only): right mousebutton) Texture and Surface will be activated. You can now modifiy the texture - or apply it another surface. apply active Texture Applies the active texture on a surface. Select a surface. Remove Texture Removes the texture of a surface. Select a textured surface. fit Size On: scales the image to the size of the surface Off: the image is applied with its original size Reload Reloads the image of the active texture. (if eg. an image already loaded has been modified ..)

Scale - Offest - RotAng / Modify Texture: - Scale X / Y (Scale texture; cursor keys) - Offset X / Y (moving texture; cursor keys) - RotAng (torsion in degrees; Cursor-left/right) Modify the values with the keyboard: update with the return button. Modify the values with the cursor keys: updated dynamically. Next entry with the Tab key.
Analyze dimensions from a photo: Using a photo size should be analyzed: Equalize the photo. Create a surface from a rectangle (in Z=0) with the size of the photo; If the photo displays a area of 3 x 5 meters: S20=REC P(0 0 0) D(5 0 0) D(0 3 0) A20=S20 Apply the texture. Set points (Select / PT -- Position) Measure between points (Analyze Dist). Open / ToDo: Export of textures with VRML .. Support of 16-bit-display Transparent textures .. Billboards ..
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