planned updates:


AP001 Documentation -> English Improve the translation of the messagefiles (en/es/it/fr): see (doc/transl_en.htm) AP003 Zeichnungsableitung (3D-Models -> 2D-Drawings) AP004 ProjectManager: alle zu einem Model/Project gehoerigen Models und externen Referenzen in eine Datei packen und entpacken; symbol. Referenzen aufloesen. AP005 Animation (for NC ..) AP006 Import of GoogleEarth-data. AP007 Viewpoints -> Flight AP008 modify single points of a pointcloud (PTAB) AP009 import, export textures (VRML2) AP010 Direct connection to standardpart-server. AP011 64-Bit-Version. CI001 intersection CCV (ConcatenatedCurves) trim CCV nested CCV CI002 trim surfaces (bounded by CCV's) DB001 Subdivision-Surfaces als Fuellflaechen DB002 Mesh aus Parameterarray (Z-Map) A = MSHZ Plane XTabSiz YTabSiz ValTab A = FSUB Mesh {Boundary {Domains}} DB003 Mesh aus Punkttabelle (Delauney) A = MSHG Punktegruppe A = FSUB Mesh {Boundary {Domains}} DB004 Hatched Surfaces with domains EX004 Step-Export ? GR001 Perspective view (at the moment only parallel projection)
For porting gCAD3D to the Macintosh we would need a computer. If you could provide a Mac with OS X 10.5 for compiling in the Vienna area please send a short mail.
If you want to support us please send a eMail to