Process PRC_cut1

PRC_cut1 is a 2.5-D NC-Processor, Postprocessors: G-Code and others (optional). ____________________________________________________________________________ Basics Toolcommands Processing_functions Z-Axis-Control Auxiliary_functions Example Postprocessor G-Code GCAD3D-APT ____________________________________________________________________________

Basics -) Create all geometric objects to be processed with mode CAD or MAN -) Create new process: select "Process/CreateProcess", modify proposed Processname "proc1", select Processor "PRC_cut1" select "OK" -) Activate process: in browser-window, select proc1 with right mousebutton "aktivate". -) Define startposition: in grafic-window, left mousebutton: "FROM"; (in edit-window "FROM" is displayed) in grafic-window select point with left mousebutton (eg P27) (in edit-window the point is added) Finish line: in grafic-window, right mousebutton: "OK" or in edit-window with enter-key. -) Define rapid-movement: in grafic-window, left mousebutton: "RP"; in grafic-window select point with left mousebutton (eg P23) Finish line. (in edit-window "RP P23" is displayed) -) Define machining-commands: in grafic-window, left mousebutton: "GO"; in grafic-window select a grafic object (line, circle curve) with the left mousebutton (eg S21) Finish line. (in edit-window "GO S21" is displayed) -) Start postprocessor: in toolbar "PRC_cut1" (below grafic-window,) select postprocessor "G-Code" This creates the APT-Code (file ~/gCAD3D/tmp/nc.apt) and the NC-program (file ~/gCAD3D/tmp/nc.iso). -) Exit: select button "Exit" in toolbar "PRC_cut1". Do not remove line "PROCESS {prozessName} PRC_cut1" ! Most NC-Commands (STOP FED COOL INSERT ..) have to be entered with the keyboard. Associated geometrical objects (points, outlines) can be selected. Conclusion with RETURN key or right mouse button. At each time one can re-establish each programstate with the cursor key up/down. See also: Using_the_editor ____________________________________________________________________________

Toolcommands TL 0 unload tool. TL 1 toolchangecommand (with toolnumber). No definition: default "TL 1" is used. TEC toolNr radius [height] Definition of tool-radius and tool-length. Tool-radius and tool-length are used for display. radius (tool-radius-radius); Angabe 0: facial-surface is not displayed. height (tool-length); keine Angabe: processing-path is not displayed. TCPOS toolChangePosition Does before toolChange: retract at CLEAR-plane, move to toolChangePosition. Example: # Tool 1: Radius=10, length=50. TEC 1 10 50 # Tool 2: Radius=0; display path as line, not as surface: TEC 2 0 ____________________________________________________________________________

Processing_functions FROM FromPosition Set the given position as startpoint. This instruction should only be given once in a process. Example: "FROM 100,100" or "FROM P20" Output: "FROM koordinaten" Display: a triangle. RP Position rapid-movement absolut. Output: "RP", "G1 coordinates" Display: without tool: yellow line; with tool: red line. RPR X-distance,Y-distance[,Z-distance] rapid-movement relativ. Example: "RPR 100 0" Output: "RP", "G1 coordinates" GO Geom.Obj Machining. Define one ore more geometric objects (lines, circles, curves). Example: "GO P10 L20 S20" Output: G1- or G2- or G3-records. Display: surface or blue linie/curve (if Radius is 0) ____________________________________________________________________________

Z-Axis-Control ZSUR1 Z-level of machining surface For all machining-movements this value is used. CLEAR Safety-distance (Clearence). For all RAPID-movements this value is used. ____________________________________________________________________________

Auxiliary_functions INL INSERT. Text will be copied into the NC-program. Example: key "INL M00". COOL ON / OFF Coolant. Will be copied into the NC-program. FED Will be copied into the NC-program. STOP Will be copied into the NC-program. STOP - for M00 STOP 1 - for M01 Auxiliary functions are displayed at the corresponding position. ____________________________________________________________________________

Example Example Process cut1: Load model sample_PRC_cut1_1.gcad (File/OpenModel "sample_PRC_cut1_1.gcad") Activate procDemo1 ("procDemo1","activate" in browser with right mousebutton) Start prozessor (select Postproc. "G-Code") in toolbar below; Check output-file ~/gCAD3D/tmp/nc.apt (filename see info-window below); finish with Button "Exit" in toolbar. ____________________________________________________________________________

GCAD3D-APT APT-Code, created by processor PRC_cut1. Is written into file ~/gCAD3D/tmp/nc.apt. The postprocessors read this file.

Postprozessor G-Code Creates the NC-program in file ~/gCAD3D/tmp/nc.iso. GCAD3D-APT G-Code $$ Kommentar - FROM {position} G92 {position} RP - G1 {position} G0 (nach RP) oder G1 G2 G2 G3 G3 TL 1 T1 STOP M00 STOP 1 M01 COOL ON / OFF M07 / M09 FED {Vorschubwert} F{Vorschubwert} INL {text} {text} FINI - G0,G1 Coordinates of endpoint: X,Y,Z absolut G2,G3 Coordinates of endpoint: X,Y,Z absolut Coordinates of circle-center: I,J,K absolut ____________________________________________________________________________ FROM = defines the starting position in the machine (G92). Correlates the CAD-position with the machine-position. At the machine: set the tooltip manually to the defined position, start. Z-Val -= active tool-length. ZSUR1 = actZsur1 = workPlane; position of the tooltip above/below CAD-Obj-Zero; in workPlane the toolTip makes all work-movements (GO). CLEAR = actZclr1 = retract toolTip to units above CAD-Obj-Zero; clear-position is used for all rapid-movements (RP). TEC tool-definition (ToolLength and radius) TCPOS toolChangePosition. Change tool: retract at ToolchangeHeight; move to toolChangePosition. Z-val rapid (RP) = CLEAR Z-val work (GO) = ZSUR1 +--+ | | rapid-position of tool | | | | .....x..............+..+............ CLEAR (safePlane)........................ | CLEAR +--+ ..............................x | | | | .....x..... _______________| |__ ......CAD-Obj-Zero......x.. toolLength ... | | | | ZSUR1 | | +--+ | ....workPlane.........x.......x........... | | | | |_____________________| see ../prc/prc_cut1__.h NCCmdTab = list of all NC-words ____________________________________________________________________________ 2018-07-30 V-1.1. TCPOS new. RF. ____________________________________________________________________________