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CAD functions:
Active CAD-Environment

Active Construction Plane

The definition of the design plane (A User Coordinate System - UCS). For the definition you can use a plane or a pre-defined plane. (Pre-defined planes: RX or RY or RZ). (see CAD-PLN, Definition planes) After activation of the new construction-plane - "2D" in red is displayed left of the active coordinates, - the origin point of the chosen plane is the new coordinate origin - all coordinates displayed refer to the new coordinate-system To reset to the absolute coordinate system - Reset ConstrPlane Example: R20 = P(100 0 0) DX # new origin (100 0 0); keep active X-axis R20 # activate R20 as new coordinate system. See Example model sample_ucs1.gcad

Reset ConstrPlane

Reset to the absolute coordinate system Plane "RZ" defines the absolute coordinate system. Create with output code "RZ"