Documention Application GIS1

Version 2.0 - 2011-01-17 program call: Start the user application "APP_GIS1" - Select from the list of add-on applications or - if application was active before: start with Ctrl-P termination of the application: Exit button. It will pass all data to the CAD model. toolbox modify points, surfaces project objects to surface define boundaries, breaklines ToDo ____________________________________________________________________________

Import points from ascii-file:

One point per Line. The first word that contains a dot (Decimalpoint, ".") is used for the X-Coordinate; the following two words are used for the Y- and Z-Coordinates. Additional textinfos (Words before or after the Coordinates) are not used at the moment. Example: import file "sample_gispoints1.txt", ("ImportPoints"; Filtertext "gis") rescale model with button "Scal.All" "create Mesh" to create/display the TIN "Exit" to transfer date to model File/save Model as/VRML2 to create a WRL file.

Export points into ASCII file:

Menu item "File / Export points" The Coordinates of the Points of the active Point-surface are written out into a file. At the moment no additional textinfos are written.

Display the coordinates of all points of the active GIS Area:

Menu item "Tools / dump all points" HTML file {tempDir}/tmp.htm is generated and displayed.

Display a list of all edges of the active GIS Area:

Menu item "Tools / dump all edge lines" HTML file {tempDir}/tmp.htm is generated and displayed.

print the current view:

Menu item "Tools / print" ____________________________________________________________________________

"Edit" - modify points, surfaces

Create new GIS-points:

- indicate position with the left mouse button or - Select an existing CAD-point or - Enter the coordinates into the fields X, Y, Z; button "AddPt.".

Move GIS-point:

The active (last selected) point is moved; using the coordinates of the fields X, Y, Z; Button "Mod.Pt.".

Move all GIS-points:

Menu item "Tools / move all points" Enter the offset.

Delete GIS-points:

select them individually or as a group, "Delete" button.

Delete a range of consequent points:

Menu item "Tools / delete range of points" Type the Point numbers of the first and last point.

Delete GIS-edge:

Select edge, button "Delete".

Delete network:

Select network (A), button "Delete".

Recalculate network:

Button "create mesh".

Clean up network boundary:

Menu item "Tools / remove outer zone" Automatic removal of triangles with too long sides.

Changing the active surface:

Select from the list of loaded areas (far left). Only the active area can be modified.

Create new surface:

If no GIS area is included in the model, the start of the function automatically generates a new (empty) GIS area. With this feature, another new GIS area is generated: Menu item "Tools / create new surface"

Delete active area and all of their points:

Menu item "Tools / delete active mesh and all points" The currently active GIS area and all of its points will be deleted. ____________________________________________________________________________

"prj -> Mesh" - project objects to surface

Project point onto the net and generate GIS-point:

- indicate position (left mousebutton) or - select CAD-point

Project curves on the Net:

select CAD-curve, another CAD-curve is created. Attention: the curve must be located within the Network! (TODO) ____________________________________________________________________________

"create Edge" - define boundaries, breaklines

create outer Network boundaries outside, create inner Network boundaries (holes, void areas), create breaklines (edges). First define the edgeline, then select the edgetype. define consecutive edges by - - select GIS points or - select curve. The required GIS-points are generated. CAUTION: - Edge lines may not cross; - breaklines may not cross outer and inner boundaries. (TODO) ____________________________________________________________________________ If necessary adjust Model Size: (Standards / Tolerances / model size = 15000, Modify, Exit). Program Files: APP_GIS1 is a supplementary program to gCAD3D. The source code file is ../GIS1/APP_GIS1.c The APP_GIS1 license program is GPL. Please report problems / corrections to ____________________________________________________________________________


LandXML import: - Import breaklines - Import Void-area (hole inside Borders) LandXM create export undo / restore for deleted objects