Known bugs:
Frequently Asked Questions: How can i install the software on Ubuntu ? - for 64-bit get gCAD3D-2.xx-bin-amd64.deb - double-click the file will install. Install manually: sudo dpkg -i .deb or sudo gdebi .deb How can i start the software ? If there is no entry in menu "Applications/Grafics": start a terminal-window (xterm or gnome-terminal ..); key gcad3d How can i remove the software on Ubuntu ? sudo apt-get remove gcad3d How can i restore the configuration-files ? Delete the directory ~/gCAD3D/cfg - the next start of gcad will restore all configuration-files. where can I get documentation ? Does the interactive function Help/Dokumention work ? This function should bring up the html-browser; if not: which html-browser do you use ? (gcad checks for konqueror and firefox only) Please report to support[at] The documentation is located in ~/gCAD3D/doc/ At the moment the english documentation is not up-to-date; if you make improvements please mail to support[at] At the moment there is no spanish/french documentation; If you make translations please mail it to support[at] gcad starts, but the window dispappears: if you use Mesa try this: edit gCAD3D/xa/gCAD3D.rc from a terminal-window: cd ~/gCAD3D/cfg gedit gCAD3D.rc change this line: ZBUFSIZ 0 Z-Buffersize; 16 24 28 30 makes best surface-edges; into: ZBUFSIZ 16 Z-Buffersize; 16 24 28 30 makes best surface-edges; save and try again. how can I report bugs ? Start gcad from a terminal-window; try to reproduce the problem; report it to support[at] Provide the following infos: - the last lines from the terminal-window before the problem occured - which Linux do you use ?