Features gCAD3D

gCAD3D has its own import/export programs, an integrated 3D-OpenGL-Viewer, a program interpreter for geometry NC commands in 3D, its own integrated numerical control processor a program interface for user programs (Plugins) The programinterpreter provides functions for - creation of geometrical objects NC-working, direct and programcontrolled preparation of data (building contours ..) analysis of data display of 2D-drawings, 2D-models, pictures (bitmaps) all objects can be connected with interactions programmingfunctions The creation of geometrical elements / NC-programs can be done by - interactively generated geometrical objects or manually generated command texts or by import modules (Dxf, Iges, Step ..) or by data file created by external program or by special import processors (user programs) Interactions connect to geometric objects can - load models (like HTML - HREF) activate userprograms (plugins) modify the view modify modelparameters dynamically The data can be exported from the program by - export modules ((Dxf, Iges, Vrml, Svg ..) Standard - ISO - post processor specialized export functions (user programs) the system format APT3D (ASCII text format) The program interface makes possible - The creation and analysis of geometry Objects interactive dialogue functions (selections..) automatic compiling, link and reload at execution time