gCAD3D 2.35
xa_ui_gr.h File Reference

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#define UI_CK_HIDE_VIEW   (((UI_stat_hide==0)||(UI_stat_view==0))?1:0)
 test if hide or view is active; 1=yes, 0=no. More...


void UI_GR_DrawInit ()
void UI_GR_DrawExit ()
int UI_GL_draw__ (MemObj *mo, void **data)
int UI_GL_move__ (MemObj *mo, void **data)
int UI_GL_mouse__ (MemObj *mo, void **data)
int UI_GL_keys__ (MemObj *mo, void **data)
void UI_GR_view_set_func ()
void UI_GR_view_set_Z (long objInd)
void UI_GR_view_set_Z1 (double zVal)
int UI_ChangeCursor (int newCur)
int UI_ResetCursor ()
int UI_GR_Select1 (int mode, long *dlInd)
int UI_GR_Select2 (int typ, long dbi, long dli)
int UI_GR_Select3 (long objInd)
int UI_GR_Select_work1 (long objInd)
int UI_GR_Select_work2 (int typ, long ind, char *buf, long dli)
int UI_GR_GetdlInd (long *ind)
int UI_GR_Indicate ()
int UI_undo (void *parent, void *data)
int EX_OpGetList (int *anz, char ***buf)
int UI_CB_hide (MemObj *mo, void **data)
int UI_CB_view (MemObj *mo, void **data)
int AP_Mousemove2dx (double *dv, int dx, int dy)
int UI_GR_Leave (void *widget, void *data)
int UI_GR_KeyPress (void *widget, void *data)
int UI_GR_KeyRelease (void *widget, void *data)
int UI_viewCB (MemObj *mo, void **data)
int UI_Do_Main (void *parent, void *data)
int CI_Mouse (int buttNr, int KeyStatShift, int KeyStatCtrl, int KeyStatAlt, int x, int y)
int CI_Key (char ltxt, int KeyStatShift, int KeyStatCtrl, int KeyStatAlt)
int CI_FKey (int key, int KeyStatShift, int KeyStatCtrl, int KeyStatAlt)
int UI_GR_get_actPos_ (char **)
int UI_KeyFieldWri ()
int AP_UserSelection_reset ()

Macro Definition Documentation

#define UI_CK_HIDE_VIEW   (((UI_stat_hide==0)||(UI_stat_view==0))?1:0)

test if hide or view is active; 1=yes, 0=no.

Function Documentation

void UI_GR_DrawInit ( )
void UI_GR_DrawExit ( )
int UI_GL_draw__ ( MemObj mo,
void **  data 
Redraw necessary. Redraw whole scene.
GUI_DATA_EVENT =*(int*)data[0]=TYP_EventConfig|TYP_EventDraw|TYP_EventEnter
GUI_DATA_I1 =*(int*)data[2]=window-width (for event=TYP_EventConfig)
GUI_DATA_I2 =*(int*)data[3]=window-height (for event=TYP_EventConfig)
GUI_DATA_I1 =*(int*)data[2]=modifierKeyState (for event=TYP_EventEnter)
int UI_GL_move__ ( MemObj mo,
void **  data 
UI_GL_move__ callBack mouse-movement
GUI_DATA_I1 =*(int*)data[2]=x-val mousepos in screencoords
GUI_DATA_I2 =*(int*)data[3]=y-val mousepos in screencoords
int UI_GL_mouse__ ( MemObj mo,
void **  data 
UI_GL_mouse__ callback mouseButton press | release | scroll
GUI_DATA_I2 =*(int*)data[1]=button; GUI_MouseL|M|R|2L|ScUp|ScDown
int UI_GL_keys__ ( MemObj mo,
void **  data 
GUI_DATA_I1 =*(int*)data[1]=TYP_DeviceKeyb
GUI_DATA_I2 =*(int*)data[2]=keyvalue; eg 'a'
GUI_DATA_I3 =*(int*)data[3]=state of modifierkeys;
see ../gui/gui_types.h GUI_Modif_*
&1=shift; &4=ctrl; &8=alt.
Gtk3/Ubu-14 does not provide Ctrl-Press !
void UI_GR_view_set_func ( )
void UI_GR_view_set_Z ( long  objInd)
void UI_GR_view_set_Z1 ( double  zVal)
int UI_ChangeCursor ( int  newCur)
int UI_ResetCursor ( )
int UI_GR_Select1 ( int  mode,
long *  dlInd 
get selected object;
decode according requested type;
start processing object
mode=-1: change ViewPlane; no List
mode=0: create list of objects under cursor
mode=0-99: display Popup-List; return selection
mode=100: Popup-ListObj selected
mode=101: ENTER Popup-ListObj; preview object
mode=102: LEAVE Popup-ListObj;
dlInd dispListIndex
RetCod 0 found more than 1 objects
1 one obj found; unknown obj: dlInd = -1; typ = Typ_Vertex.
-1 no object selected; TmpPT on ConstPln
int UI_GR_Select2 ( int  typ,
long  dbi,
long  dli 
int UI_GR_Select3 ( long  objInd)
int UI_GR_Select_work1 ( long  objInd)
int UI_GR_Select_work2 ( int  typ,
long  ind,
char *  buf,
long  dli 
int UI_GR_GetdlInd ( long *  ind)
int UI_GR_Indicate ( )
get MousePos on Constr.Plane:
- as *Point on Constr.Plane with DB_get_PT(0L)
- as String ("P(x y z)") from GR_actPos
int UI_undo ( void *  parent,
void *  data 
int EX_OpGetList ( int *  anz,
char ***  buf 
int UI_CB_hide ( MemObj mo,
void **  data 
int UI_CB_view ( MemObj mo,
void **  data 
int AP_Mousemove2dx ( double *  dv,
int  dx,
int  dy 

AP_Mousemove2dx get single value from relative mousemove

int UI_GR_Leave ( void *  widget,
void *  data 
int UI_GR_KeyPress ( void *  widget,
void *  data 
int UI_GR_KeyRelease ( void *  widget,
void *  data 
int UI_viewCB ( MemObj mo,
void **  data 
int UI_Do_Main ( void *  parent,
void *  data 
int CI_Mouse ( int  buttNr,
int  KeyStatShift,
int  KeyStatCtrl,
int  KeyStatAlt,
int  x,
int  y 
int CI_Key ( char  ltxt,
int  KeyStatShift,
int  KeyStatCtrl,
int  KeyStatAlt 
int CI_FKey ( int  key,
int  KeyStatShift,
int  KeyStatCtrl,
int  KeyStatAlt 
int UI_GR_get_actPos_ ( char **  )

return (a pointer to) the active cursorPosition as string "P(<x> <y> <z>)" change "ConstrPlane" -> "P(<x> <y> <z>)"

int UI_KeyFieldWri ( )
int AP_UserSelection_reset ( )