gCAD3D 2.40
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2 void AP_obj_blank (char *ED_buf1);
3 int AP_obj_2_txt (char *ED_buf1, long bufLen, ObjGX *o1, long ind);
4 int AP_obj_2_apt (char *ED_buf1, long bufLen, ObjG *o1, void *data);
5 int AP_obj_2_txt_query (int *typ, long *ind);
7 int AP_obj_add_val (char *ED_buf1, double val);
8 int AP_obj_add_pt (char *ED_buf1, Point *pt1);
9 int AP_obj_add_pt2 (char *ED_buf1, Point2 *pt1);
10 int AP_obj_add_pt3 (char *ED_buf1, Point *pt1);
11 int AP_obj_add_ln (char *ED_buf1, int mode, Point *pt1, Point *pt2);
12 int AP_obj_add_ci_ (char *ED_buf1, Circ *ci1);
13 int AP_obj_add_ci1 (char *ED_buf1, Point *pc, double *rdc, Vector *vz);
14 int AP_obj_add_ci2 (char *ED_buf1, int mode, Circ *ci1);
15 int AP_obj_add_ci (char *ED_buf1, int mode, Circ *ci1);
16 int AP_obj_add_vc (char *ED_buf1, Vector *vc1);
17 int AP_obj_add_func1 (char *ED_buf1, int mode, double ang1);
18 int AP_obj_add_obj (char *ED_buf1, int typ, long ind);
23 //============== EOF ================
int typ
Definition: xa_tra.c:151
int AP_obj_2_txt(char *ED_buf1, long bufLen, ObjGX *o1, long ind)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:933
int AP_obj_add_ci2(char *ED_buf1, int mode, Circ *ci1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:509
int AP_obj_add_pt2(char *ED_buf1, Point2 *pt1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:395
int AP_obj_2_apt(char *ED_buf1, long bufLen, ObjG *o1, void *data)
char mode
Definition: xa_tra.c:152
3D-circle, Typ_CI
Definition: ut_geo.h:410
int AP_obj_add_vc(char *ED_buf1, Vector *vc1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:621
int AP_obj_add_ci1(char *ED_buf1, Point *pc, double *rdc, Vector *vz)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:570
Definition: ut_geo.h:242
static Point pt1
Definition: DemoPlugin_Dialog.c:85
int AP_obj_add_ln(char *ED_buf1, int mode, Point *pt1, Point *pt2)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:449
int AP_obj_add_ci_(char *ED_buf1, Circ *ci1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:481
int AP_obj_add_ci(char *ED_buf1, int mode, Circ *ci1)
void AP_obj_blank(char *ED_buf1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:598
int AP_obj_2_txt_query(int *typ, long *ind)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:892
int AP_obj_add_func1(char *ED_buf1, int mode, double ang1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:800
3D-point, Typ_PT
Definition: tessbug1.c:66
3D-vector, Typ_VC
Definition: tst_glDrawElements1.c:58
DO NOT USE; replaced by ObjGX.
Definition: ut_geo.h:306
int AP_obj_add_pt(char *ED_buf1, Point *pt1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:361
2D-point, Typ_PT2
Definition: ut_geo.h:190
int AP_obj_add_obj(char *ED_buf1, int typ, long ind)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:865
int AP_obj_add_val(char *ED_buf1, double val)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:265
int ind
Definition: xa_tra.c:151
int AP_obj_add_pt3(char *ED_buf1, Point *pt1)
Definition: xa_obj_txt.c:421