gCAD3D 2.35
xa_obj_txt.h File Reference

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void AP_obj_blank (char *ED_buf1)
int AP_obj_2_txt (char *ED_buf1, long bufLen, ObjGX *o1, long ind)
int AP_obj_2_apt (char *ED_buf1, long bufLen, ObjG *o1, void *data)
int AP_obj_2_txt_query (int *typ, long *ind)
int AP_obj_add_val (char *ED_buf1, double val)
int AP_obj_add_pt (char *ED_buf1, Point *pt1)
int AP_obj_add_pt2 (char *ED_buf1, Point2 *pt1)
int AP_obj_add_pt3 (char *ED_buf1, Point *pt1)
int AP_obj_add_ln (char *ED_buf1, int mode, Point *pt1, Point *pt2)
int AP_obj_add_ci_ (char *ED_buf1, Circ *ci1)
int AP_obj_add_ci1 (char *ED_buf1, Point *pc, double *rdc, Vector *vz)
int AP_obj_add_ci2 (char *ED_buf1, int mode, Circ *ci1)
int AP_obj_add_ci (char *ED_buf1, int mode, Circ *ci1)
int AP_obj_add_vc (char *ED_buf1, Vector *vc1)
int AP_obj_add_func1 (char *ED_buf1, int mode, double ang1)
int AP_obj_add_obj (char *ED_buf1, int typ, long ind)

Function Documentation

void AP_obj_blank ( char *  ED_buf1)

do NOT add blank after = ( blank.

int AP_obj_2_txt ( char *  ED_buf1,
long  bufLen,
ObjGX o1,
long  ind 
change obj to text and save it with UTF_add1_line
ind DB-index; for -1L a new (free) index is used.
retCod 0 OK
-1 out of mem
Example see UTF_insert1
get get db-typ, db-ind with AP_obj_2_txt_query () (after AP_obj_2_txt)
see UTRA_app_oTab AP_stru_2_txt
int AP_obj_2_apt ( char *  ED_buf1,
long  bufLen,
ObjG o1,
void *  data 
int AP_obj_2_txt_query ( int *  typ,
long *  ind 

AP_obj_2_txt_query get typ and DB-index of last created Textline

int AP_obj_add_val ( char *  ED_buf1,
double  val 

add double mit voller Genauigkeit (10 Nachkommastellen)

int AP_obj_add_pt ( char *  ED_buf1,
Point pt1 
add struct Point* to string " P(x y [z])"
10 digits after comma
see AP_obj_add_pt_rp (reduced precision)
int AP_obj_add_pt2 ( char *  ED_buf1,
Point2 pt1 
add 2D-point-coordinates to string " P(x y)"
10 digits after comma
int AP_obj_add_pt3 ( char *  ED_buf1,
Point pt1 

keine Blanks vorn u hint

int AP_obj_add_ln ( char *  ED_buf1,
int  mode,
Point pt1,
Point pt2 
add line to string;
mode = 0: L(Pa Pe)
mode = 1: L(Pe)
int AP_obj_add_ci_ ( char *  ED_buf1,
Circ ci1 

add Circle as C(P(ptStart) P(ptEnd) P(ptCen) D(vz))

int AP_obj_add_ci1 ( char *  ED_buf1,
Point pc,
double *  rdc,
Vector vz 
add 3D-Circ to string as "C(P(100 100 0) 32 DZ)"
Input: center, radius, Z-Vec
int AP_obj_add_ci2 ( char *  ED_buf1,
int  mode,
Circ ci1 
mode = 0: C(Pa Pe Pc Dreh)
mode = 1: C(Pe Pc Dreh)
int AP_obj_add_ci ( char *  ED_buf1,
int  mode,
Circ ci1 
int AP_obj_add_vc ( char *  ED_buf1,
Vector vc1 
add struct Vector* to string " D(x y z)"
int AP_obj_add_func1 ( char *  ED_buf1,
int  mode,
double  ang1 

mode: A D X R Y

int AP_obj_add_obj ( char *  ED_buf1,
int  typ,
long  ind 
add objname to string; " L22"
Input obj-typ und DB-index