gCAD3D 2.40
xa_joint.c File Reference

functions for joints More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "../ut/ut_geo.h"
#include "../ut/ut_os.h"
#include "xa.h"


int JNT_parent_hide (int typ, long dbi, int imod)
int JNT_imp__ (Memspc *spcObj, int *ibmNr, long irmNr, int iJnt)
int JNT_exp__ (long indJnt, Memspc *spcObj)
int JNT_imp_upd (char *sCode, int sSiz, Memspc *spcObj, int ij)
int JNT_imp_all (int *jTab, int *sizTab, long imdr)
int JNT_oTyp (Memspc *spcObj)


int WC_modact_ind

Detailed Description

functions for joints

JNT_exp__ export joints into file "<tmp>/joints"
JNT_imp__ import joint from ObjGX into DBFile "joints"
JNT_imp_all get a list of all joints for refModel <imdr>
JNT_imp_upd update new object (note: get new text ..)
JNT_oTyp get type of output-object for this joint-record
JNT_parent_hide hide jointParentObject in subModel

Function Documentation

int JNT_parent_hide ( int  typ,
long  dbi,
int  imod 
int JNT_imp__ ( Memspc spcObj,
int *  ibmNr,
long  irmNr,
int  iJnt 
int JNT_exp__ ( long  indJnt,
Memspc spcObj 
int JNT_imp_upd ( char *  sCode,
int  sSiz,
Memspc spcObj,
int  ij 
int JNT_imp_all ( int *  jTab,
int *  sizTab,
long  imdr 
int JNT_oTyp ( Memspc spcObj)

Variable Documentation

int WC_modact_ind