gCAD3D 2.40
xa_app.h File Reference

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#define PRC_IS_ACTIVE   (AP_stat.APP_stat)&&(APP_act_typ==2)
 prereq: xa.h (AP_stat, APP_OBJ_NAM) More...


char * PLU_appNamTab_get (int iNam)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PRC_IS_ACTIVE   (AP_stat.APP_stat)&&(APP_act_typ==2)

prereq: xa.h (AP_stat, APP_OBJ_NAM)

PRC_is_active returns 0 if process is active else 1 usage: if(PRC_IS_ACTIVE) { // process is active ..

Function Documentation

char* PLU_appNamTab_get ( int  iNam)
* return name of AppNam[iNam]