gCAD3D 2.35
xa.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  AP_STAT
struct  APP_OBJ_NAM


#define printd   if(0) printf
 debug-print (see AP_deb_stat) More...


int AP_defaults_write ()
long AP_cre_defHdr (int typ, int istart)
int AP_Init0 ()
int AP_Init1 ()
int AP_search_init ()
int AP_Print0 (int mode, char *cmd, int irot, char *off, char *scl)
int AP_PrintWrHex (FILE *fpo, unsigned char *dat, int ilen, int gray)
int AP_defaults_read ()
char AP_typChar_typ (int typ)
int APED_oid_dbo__ (char *buf, int typ, long ind)
int AP_obj_del0 ()
int AP_get_lNr ()
int AP_set_lNr (int lNr)
char * AP_Get_ConstPl_Z (int typ)
int AP_APT_clean ()
int AP_errStat_set (int stat)
int AP_errStat_get ()


char WC_modnam [128]
char WC_modact_nam [128]
Point AP_box_pm1
Point AP_box_pm2
char AP_dir_open [128]
char AP_dir_save [128]
char AP_dir_prg [128]
char AP_sym_open [64]
char AP_sym_save [64]
char AP_sym_prg [64]
char AP_errText [128]
char AP_printer [80]
char AP_browser [80]
char AP_editor [80]
char AP_lang [4]
int APP_act_typ
char APP_act_nam [128]
char APP_act_proc [128]
long APP_dli_start
FILE * AP_deb_fp
 debug-file-pointer More...
 progress of Start More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define printd   if(0) printf

debug-print (see AP_deb_stat)

Function Documentation

int AP_defaults_write ( )

defaults -> cfg/xa.rc

long AP_cre_defHdr ( int  typ,
int  istart 
create ObjHeader zB "P20="
wc3-Source: ED_add_objInd
int AP_Init0 ( )
int AP_Init1 ( )

init DL, ED, WC

int AP_search_init ( )
int AP_Print0 ( int  mode,
char *  cmd,
int  irot,
char *  off,
char *  scl 
int AP_PrintWrHex ( FILE *  fpo,
unsigned char *  dat,
int  ilen,
int  gray 
int AP_defaults_read ( )

read defaults from <base>/tmp/xa.rc

char AP_typChar_typ ( int  typ)
AP_typChar_typ make typChar from typ (Typ_PT -> 'P')
Error: returns '-'
int APED_oid_dbo__ ( char *  buf,
int  typ,
long  ind 
APED_oid_dbo__ make name from typ and DB-Index (visible object types)
typ,ind DB-obj
buf name for DB-obj
int AP_obj_del0 ( )
int AP_get_lNr ( )
int AP_set_lNr ( int  lNr)
char* AP_Get_ConstPl_Z ( int  typ)
typ = 0 returns the active ConstrPln as Text; zB "RZ" or "R22"
typ = Typ_VC returns the Z-vec of the active ConstrPln as Text
int AP_APT_clean ( )
int AP_errStat_set ( int  stat)
raise error
0 = default = OK;
1 = Error - raise error; set AP_stat.errStat=1;
2 = DB_allocCDAT; rerun.
int AP_errStat_get ( )

Variable Documentation

char WC_modnam[128]
char WC_modact_nam[128]
Point AP_box_pm1
Point AP_box_pm2
char AP_dir_open[128]
char AP_dir_save[128]
char AP_dir_prg[128]
char AP_sym_open[64]
char AP_sym_save[64]
char AP_sym_prg[64]
char AP_errText[128]
char AP_printer[80]
char AP_browser[80]
char AP_editor[80]
char AP_lang[4]
int APP_act_typ
char APP_act_nam[128]
char APP_act_proc[128]
long APP_dli_start
FILE* AP_deb_fp



progress of Start

1 starting
2 initialyze done
65 Batch, else interactive.