gCAD3D 2.40
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3  int UMB_is_alive (int id);
4  int UMB_reserve__ (int *actId);
5  int UMB_save (int mbId, void *memPos, long memSiz, int recNr);
6  int UMB_reload (int *recNr, void *pStart, void **pNxt, void *pEnd, int ii);
7  void* UMB_pos__ (int mbId);
8  int UMB_stat__ (int mbId);
9  int UMB_free (int mbId);
10  int UMB_dump__ ();
12 // EOF
void * UMB_pos__(int mbId)
Definition: ut_umb.c:375
int UMB_dump__()
Definition: ut_umb.c:427
int UMB_free(int mbId)
Definition: ut_umb.c:394
int UMB_reserve__(int *actId)
Definition: ut_umb.c:221
int UMB_reload(int *recNr, void *pStart, void **pNxt, void *pEnd, int ii)
Definition: ut_umb.c:292
int UMB_stat__(int mbId)
Definition: ut_umb.c:362
int UMB_is_alive(int id)
Definition: ut_umb.c:200
int UMB_save(int mbId, void *memPos, long memSiz, int recNr)
Definition: ut_umb.c:331