gCAD3D 2.35
ut_tess_su.c File Reference

Tesselate Surfaces (New version; old version=../gr/tess_su.c) More...

#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/glu.h>
#include "../ut/ut_geo.h"
#include "../ut/ut_msh.h"
#include "../ut/ut_memTab.h"
#include "../ut/ut_ox_base.h"
#include "../ut/ut_os.h"
#include "../ut/ut_plg.h"
#include "../ut/ut_tin.h"
#include "../ut/ut_col.h"
#include "../ut/gr_types.h"
#include "../db/ut_DB.h"
#include "../gr/tess_su.h"
#include "../xa/xa_mem.h"
#include "../xa/xa.h"
#include "../xa/xa_ga.h"

Data Structures

struct  TessDat__


#define TessDatSiz   sizeof(TessDat_SWP)


 typedef_MemTab (IndTab)
 typedef_MemTab (SegBnd)
 typedef_MemTab (BndSur)
static MemTab (Point)
int Tess_tr_2D_3D_swp (Point *pt2, Point *pt3)
int Tess_tr_3D_2D_swp (Point *pt3, Point *pt2, TessDat_SWP *swp)
int Tess_sur__ (ObjGX *oxi, int att, long dbi)
int Tess_sSym__ (TessDat__ *td1, int sTyp, void *sDat, int att, long suID)
int Tess_sSym_swp__ (TessDat__ *td1, void *sDat, int att, long suID)
int Tess_sSym_swp_1 (TessDat__ *tdSwp, void *sDat, int att, long suID)
int Tess_sSym_swp_2 (Point *pao, Point *pai, int pNr, Plane *pl0, int typPath, void *datPath, double par1)
int Tess_sur_bnd_swp__ (TessDat__ *td1, SurSwp *swp, long suID, int mode)
int Tess_sur_td__ (TessDat__ *td1, int typCov, void *datCov, int typPath, void *datPath)
int Tess_sur_td_ci_obj (TessDat__ *td1, Circ *ciCov, int typPath, void *datPath)
int UT3D_pt_par_swp (Point *pt3, double parU, double parV, TessDat_SWP *swp)
int Tess_sur_grd__ (GridBoxH *gbh1, TessDat__ *td1)
int Tess_sur_bnd__ (TessDat__ *td1, int sTyp, void *sDat, long suID)
int Tess_bMsh_iMsh (MemTab(IndTab)*fmt, MemTab(int)*imt, MemTab(Point)*pmt)
int Tess_ptNr_SURSWP (SurSwp *swp, double tol)


int APT_dispSOL
int TSU_mode

Detailed Description

Tesselate Surfaces (New version; old version=../gr/tess_su.c)

Tess_sur__ tesselate, display sweep-surface
Tess_sSym__ draw symbolic sweep-surf
Tess_sur_bnd_swp__ create edges for unlimited sweep-surface
Tess_sur_td_ci_obj save tesselation-date for sweep with Contour=Circ
Tess_sur_grd__ compute all gridbox-points
Tess_sur_bnd__ create edges for surface
Tess_tr_3D_2D_swp get 3D-point from 2D-point on sweep-surface
UT3D_pt_par_swp translate 2D-pt from parU,parV back to 3D.
Tess_ptNr_SURSWP get nr of points for sweep-surf

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TessDatSiz   sizeof(TessDat_SWP)

Function Documentation

typedef_MemTab ( IndTab  )
typedef_MemTab ( SegBnd  )
typedef_MemTab ( BndSur  )
static MemTab ( Point  )
int Tess_tr_2D_3D_swp ( Point pt2,
Point pt3 
int Tess_tr_3D_2D_swp ( Point pt3,
Point pt2,
TessDat_SWP swp 
int Tess_sur__ ( ObjGX oxi,
int  att,
long  dbi 
int Tess_sSym__ ( TessDat__ td1,
int  sTyp,
void *  sDat,
int  att,
long  suID 
int Tess_sSym_swp__ ( TessDat__ td1,
void *  sDat,
int  att,
long  suID 
int Tess_sSym_swp_1 ( TessDat__ tdSwp,
void *  sDat,
int  att,
long  suID 
int Tess_sSym_swp_2 ( Point pao,
Point pai,
int  pNr,
Plane pl0,
int  typPath,
void *  datPath,
double  par1 
int Tess_sur_bnd_swp__ ( TessDat__ td1,
SurSwp swp,
long  suID,
int  mode 
int Tess_sur_td__ ( TessDat__ td1,
int  typCov,
void *  datCov,
int  typPath,
void *  datPath 
int Tess_sur_td_ci_obj ( TessDat__ td1,
Circ ciCov,
int  typPath,
void *  datPath 
int UT3D_pt_par_swp ( Point pt3,
double  parU,
double  parV,
TessDat_SWP swp 
int Tess_sur_grd__ ( GridBoxH gbh1,
TessDat__ td1 
int Tess_sur_bnd__ ( TessDat__ td1,
int  sTyp,
void *  sDat,
long  suID 
int Tess_bMsh_iMsh ( MemTab(IndTab)*  fmt,
MemTab(int)*  imt,
MemTab(Point)*  pmt 
int Tess_ptNr_SURSWP ( SurSwp swp,
double  tol 

Variable Documentation

int APT_dispSOL
int TSU_mode
Point* GLT_pta