gCAD3D 2.40
ut_tess.c File Reference

tesselated-Surfaces More...

#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include "../ut/ut_geo.h"
#include "../ut/ut_cast.h"
#include "../ut/ut_txt.h"
#include "../ut/ut_os.h"
#include "../ut/func_types.h"
#include "../xa/xa_mem.h"


#define tess_ntri_tfac_add(tria, pt1, pt2, pt3)


int tess_analyz_CB (ObjGX *)
int tess_dump_f_ (ObjGX *oxi, char *txt)
int tess_fnam (char *fnam, char *mnam)
int tess_read_ (Memspc *impSpc, char *mnam)
int tess_write__ (char *fnam, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_read_f (void *oi, int *oSiz, long fSiz, FILE *fpi)
int tess_write_f_ (FILE *fpo, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_reloc_f_ (ObjGX *oxi, long pDist)
int tess_tra__ (ObjGX *oxi, Mat_4x3 m1)
int tess_triaNr_bMsh (int *surNr, int *triNr, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_triaNr_patch (int *triNr, ObjGX *oxi, int *surTyp)
int tess_analyz__ (Memspc *impSpc)
int tess_ntri_tfac__ (Triangle *triTab, int *triNr, int triSiz, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_box_get (Point *pb1, Point *pb2, Memspc *impSpc)
int tess_box_sur (Point *pb1, Point *pb2, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_box_fac (Point *pb1, Point *pb2, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_origin_box (Point *pOri, Point *pb1, Point *pb2)
int tess_origin_set__ (Memspc *impSpc, Point *pOri)
int tess_origin_set_sur (Point *pOri, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_origin_set_fac (Point *pOri, ObjGX *oxi)
int tess_res_CB__ (Memspc *impSpc, int(*funcnam)())
int tess_res_CB_sur (ObjGX *oxi, int(*funcnam)())


Plane WC_sur_act
 the active construction-plane More...

Detailed Description


tess_res_CB__ resolv tess-model in memory with callback
tess_ntri_tfac__ get triangles from tesselated face
tess_ntri_tfac_add copy 3 (pointers of) points -> Triangle INLINE
tess_box_get find box of tess-model in memory
tess_origin_box get origin from box of tess-model
tess_origin_set__ subract origin of tess-model in memory
tess_dump_f_ dump file-oriented obj; structured display.
tess_read_f read tesselated surf (file-oriented)
tess_write_f_ tesselated surf in Datei ausgeben.
tess_reloc_f_ relocate tesselated surf (read from file)
tess_read_ read .tess-file from temp-dir
tess_write__ write .tess-file into temp-dir
tess_triaNr_bMsh find nr of surfaces & (total) nr of triangles
tess_triaNr_patch find nr of triangles in tesselated surface
TODO: tess_origin_set_sph tess_origin_set_con tor?
- see also:
TSU_tess_addf add Mockup-Filestruct oxi to existing Mockup-struct TSU_vMem
TSU_imp_tess import Mockup from file into Mockup-struct
TSU_exp_sm_sur export all faces from Mockup-struct
TSU_ntria_bMsh__ make Triangles from Mockup-struct
TSU_DrawSurTess draw Mockup-struct (tesselated surf)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define tess_ntri_tfac_add (   tria,
{(tria)->pa[0] = pt1;\
(tria)->pa[1] = pt2;\
(tria)->pa[2] = pt3;}
static Point pa[PT_MAX]
Definition: tst_gl1.c:108
static Point pt1
Definition: DemoPlugin_Dialog.c:85

Function Documentation

int tess_analyz_CB ( ObjGX oxi)
int tess_dump_f_ ( ObjGX oxi,
char *  txt 
int tess_fnam ( char *  fnam,
char *  mnam 
int tess_read_ ( Memspc impSpc,
char *  mnam 
int tess_write__ ( char *  fnam,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_read_f ( void *  oi,
int *  oSiz,
long  fSiz,
FILE *  fpi 
int tess_write_f_ ( FILE *  fpo,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_reloc_f_ ( ObjGX oxi,
long  pDist 
int tess_tra__ ( ObjGX oxi,
Mat_4x3  m1 
int tess_triaNr_bMsh ( int *  surNr,
int *  triNr,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_triaNr_patch ( int *  triNr,
ObjGX oxi,
int *  surTyp 
int tess_analyz__ ( Memspc impSpc)
int tess_ntri_tfac__ ( Triangle triTab,
int *  triNr,
int  triSiz,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_box_get ( Point pb1,
Point pb2,
Memspc impSpc 
int tess_box_sur ( Point pb1,
Point pb2,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_box_fac ( Point pb1,
Point pb2,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_origin_box ( Point pOri,
Point pb1,
Point pb2 
int tess_origin_set__ ( Memspc impSpc,
Point pOri 
int tess_origin_set_sur ( Point pOri,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_origin_set_fac ( Point pOri,
ObjGX oxi 
int tess_res_CB__ ( Memspc impSpc,
int(*)()  funcnam 
int tess_res_CB_sur ( ObjGX oxi,
int(*)()  funcnam 

Variable Documentation

Plane WC_sur_act

the active construction-plane