gCAD3D 2.35
ut_plg.h File Reference

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#define UPLG_pare_unl(cvp)   ((cvp)->lvTab[(cvp)->ptNr - 1])


double UT3D_ck_pta_maxDev (int ptNr, Point *pTab)
double UT3D_plg_lvTab (double *lTab, Point *pTab, int ptNr)
double UT3D_par_par1plg (double pv, CurvPoly *cv1)
double UT3D_par1_parplg (double *kv, CurvPoly *cv1)
double UPLG_pare_unl (CurvPoly *)
 UPLG_pare_unl get unlimited endParameter of CurvPoly INLINE. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define UPLG_pare_unl (   cvp)    ((cvp)->lvTab[(cvp)->ptNr - 1])

Function Documentation

double UT3D_ck_pta_maxDev ( int  ptNr,
Point pTab 
UT3D_ck_pta_maxDev get max.deviation of a pointTable
/p2\ |
/ \ | deviation = dist p2 to p1-p2-line
p1/ \p3 |
double UT3D_plg_lvTab ( double *  lTab,
Point pTab,
int  ptNr 
double UT3D_par_par1plg ( double  pv,
CurvPoly cv1 

UT3D_par_par1plg Parameterwert von 0-1 in einen Knotenwert aendern

double UT3D_par1_parplg ( double *  kv,
CurvPoly cv1 

UT3D_par1_parplg Knotenwert in einen Parameterwert von 0-1 aendern

double UPLG_pare_unl ( CurvPoly )

UPLG_pare_unl get unlimited endParameter of CurvPoly INLINE.