gCAD3D 2.35
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2 //----------------------------------------------------------------
5 int APED_dbo_oid (int *defTyp, long *defInd, char* txtIn);
6 int APED_oid_dbo__ (char *buf, int typ, long ind);
7 // char* DB_Char_Typ (int typ);
8 char* AP_src_typ__ (int typ);
9 char* AP_src_typMod (int typ);
10 int DB_Typ_Char (char* auxBuf);
11 int DB_2DTyp_3DTyp (int typIn);
12 int AP_typ_typChar (char typChar);
13 char AP_typChar_typ (int typ);
14 int AP_typ_2_bastyp (int typ);
15 int AP_cmp_typ (int typ1, int typ2);
16 int UTO_ck_dbsTyp (int typ);
17 int UTO_ck_typTyp (int typ);
18 int UTO_ck_curvLimTyp (int typ);
19 int UTO_ck_curvForm (int typ);
20 int UTO_ck_surfTyp (ObjGX *oxi);
22 // EOF
int APED_dbo_oid(int *defTyp, long *defInd, char *txtIn)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:596
int typ
Definition: xa_tra.c:151
int UTO_ck_typTyp(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1584
int DB_2DTyp_3DTyp(int typIn)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1052
Definition: ut_geo.h:240
char * AP_src_typMod(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:794
int UTO_ck_dbsTyp(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1553
int UTO_ck_surfTyp(ObjGX *oxi)
Definition: ut_obj.c:9207
int UTO_ck_curvLimTyp(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1622
int AP_typ_2_bastyp(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1231
int APED_oid_dbo__(char *buf, int typ, long ind)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:386
char AP_typChar_typ(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1133
int AP_typ_typChar(char typChar)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1090
char * AP_src_typ__(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:742
int UTO_ck_curvForm(int typ)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1646
int AP_cmp_typ(int typ1, int typ2)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1509
int ind
Definition: xa_tra.c:151
int DB_Typ_Char(char *auxBuf)
Definition: ut_gtypes.c:1021