gCAD3D 2.35
ut_gtypes.h File Reference

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int APED_dbo_oid (int *defTyp, long *defInd, char *txtIn)
int APED_oid_dbo__ (char *buf, int typ, long ind)
char * AP_src_typ__ (int typ)
char * AP_src_typMod (int typ)
int DB_Typ_Char (char *auxBuf)
int DB_2DTyp_3DTyp (int typIn)
int AP_typ_typChar (char typChar)
char AP_typChar_typ (int typ)
int AP_typ_2_bastyp (int typ)
int AP_cmp_typ (int typ1, int typ2)
int UTO_ck_dbsTyp (int typ)
int UTO_ck_typTyp (int typ)
int UTO_ck_curvLimTyp (int typ)
int UTO_ck_curvForm (int typ)
int UTO_ck_surfTyp (ObjGX *oxi)

Function Documentation

int APED_dbo_oid ( int *  defTyp,
long *  defInd,
char *  txtIn 
APED_dbo_oid get type and dbi from object-ID;
eg returns defTyp=Typ_PT and defInd=20 for "P20"
Returns also this constantObjects: DX DY DZ DIX DIY DIZ RX RY RZ
see also AP_cut_defHdr
defTyp: see wincut_base.h
values return 0 !
0 = OK
-1 = only defTyp (eg P(..) or D(..))
-2 = Error
TODO: combine with DBO_dbo_src__
int APED_oid_dbo__ ( char *  buf,
int  typ,
long  ind 
APED_oid_dbo__ make name from typ and DB-Index (visible object types)
typ,ind DB-obj
buf name for DB-obj
char* AP_src_typ__ ( int  typ)
get objTypTxt from typ
returns eq "PT" for Typ_PT
char* AP_src_typMod ( int  typ)
get modifier-text from (modifier)typ
typ must be modifier (test with TYP_IS_MOD)
int DB_Typ_Char ( char *  auxBuf)
Text > int-3D-Typ
give typ(int) from text "PT" --> Typ_PT
see also AP_src_typ__ (objTypTxt from typ)
int DB_2DTyp_3DTyp ( int  typIn)
DB_2DTyp_3DTyp give 2D-Typ of 3D-Typ
RetCod: 0=Error else 2d-type
int AP_typ_typChar ( char  typChar)
AP_typ_typChar make typ from typChar ("P" -> Typ_PT)
Error: returns Typ_Error
AP_typChar_typ make typChar from typ (Typ_PT -> 'P')
char AP_typChar_typ ( int  typ)
AP_typChar_typ make typChar from typ (Typ_PT -> 'P')
Error: returns '-'
int AP_typ_2_bastyp ( int  typ)
give basictyp from typ;
int AP_cmp_typ ( int  typ1,
int  typ2 
check if types identical;
RC = 0 = ident;
int UTO_ck_dbsTyp ( int  typ)
UTO_ck_dbsTyp check object-typ (struct or object)
typ must be a basictype; see AP_typ_2_bastyp
0 dedicated struct - VPDLCRMI
1 complex-object (ObjGX) - SABNT
int UTO_ck_typTyp ( int  typ)
UTO_ck_typTyp check if typ=curve (Typ_lFig) or surface (Typ_SUR)
typ must be basic-type (AP_typ_2_bastyp)
Retcod Typ_go_LCS from LN|AC|CV (L/C/S)
Typ_SUR from PLN|SUR|SOL (R/A/B)
Typ_PT from PT (P)
<typ> unmodified, from N|M (Typ_Note|Typ_Model ..)
int UTO_ck_curvLimTyp ( int  typ)
UTO_ck_curvLimTyp check if CurveLimits are Points or parameters
0 die CurveLimits basieren auf Points (LN, AC, CVELL usw)
1 die CurveLimits basieren auf Parameters (CVPOL, CVBSP)
int UTO_ck_curvForm ( int  typ)
UTO_ck_curvForm check if objTyp is ObjGX or other typ
else typ
int UTO_ck_surfTyp ( ObjGX oxi)
UTO_ck_surfTyp returns surfSubTyp
oxi su_tab-record
see also SUR_ck_typ (get details for surfaces)