gCAD3D 2.40
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2  double UT3D_angr_el_corr (double aa, double da, double db);
3  double UT3D_angr_elpt (Point *pti,Point *ptc,Vector *va,Vector *vb);
4  double UT3D_angr_par1_ell (double lpar, CurvElli *el1);
5  double UT3D_par1_angr_ell (double *lpar, CurvElli *el1);
6  int UT2D_2angr_el (double *angs, double *ango, CurvEll2C *el2c);
7  double UT3D_lne_ell (CurvElli *el1);
8  int UT3D_el_ptc_ptx_pt (CurvElli *el1, Point *ptc, Point *ptx, Point *pt1);
9  int UT3D_npt_ell (int ptNr, Point *pa, CurvElli *el3);
11 //=========== EOF ==============
int UT3D_el_ptc_ptx_pt(CurvElli *el1, Point *ptc, Point *ptx, Point *pt1)
Definition: ut_elli.c:671
static Point pa[PT_MAX]
Definition: tst_gl1.c:108
ellipse, Typ_CVELL
Definition: ut_geo.h:456
int UT2D_2angr_el(double *angs, double *ango, CurvEll2C *el2c)
Definition: ut_elli.c:3365
double UT3D_lne_ell(CurvElli *el1)
Definition: ut_elli.c:219
static Point pt1
Definition: DemoPlugin_Dialog.c:85
static int ptNr
Definition: tst_gl1.c:109
3D-point, Typ_PT
Definition: tessbug1.c:66
3D-vector, Typ_VC
Definition: tst_glDrawElements1.c:58
int UT3D_npt_ell(int ptNr, Point *pa, CurvElli *el3)
Definition: ut_elli.c:1197
double UT3D_angr_par1_ell(double par1, CurvElli *el1)
Definition: ut_elli.c:303
double UT3D_par1_angr_ell(double *lpar, CurvElli *el1)
double UT3D_angr_el_corr(double aa, double da, double db)
Definition: ut_elli.c:1172
2D-ellipse in centerPosition Typ_CVELL2C
Definition: ut_geo.h:424
double UT3D_angr_elpt(Point *pti, Point *ptc, Vector *va, Vector *vb)
Definition: ut_elli.c:448