gCAD3D 2.35
ut_elli.h File Reference

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double UT3D_angr_el_corr (double aa, double da, double db)
double UT3D_angr_elpt (Point *pti, Point *ptc, Vector *va, Vector *vb)
double UT3D_angr_par1_ell (double lpar, CurvElli *el1)
double UT3D_par1_angr_ell (double *lpar, CurvElli *el1)
int UT2D_2angr_el (double *angs, double *ango, CurvEll2C *el2c)
double UT3D_lne_ell (CurvElli *el1)
int UT3D_el_ptc_ptx_pt (CurvElli *el1, Point *ptc, Point *ptx, Point *pt1)
int UT3D_npt_ell (int ptNr, Point *pa, CurvElli *el3)

Function Documentation

double UT3D_angr_el_corr ( double  aa,
double  da,
double  db 
UT3D_angr_el_corr get angle-circ from angle of elli.
compute point on elli from corrected angle with sin|cos * lmay|lmin
double UT3D_angr_elpt ( Point pti,
Point ptc,
Vector va,
Vector vb 
UT3D_angr_elpt real angle for point on elli
real angle (not angle on innerCircle. Used for dxf).
double UT3D_angr_par1_ell ( double  lpar,
CurvElli el1 
UT3D_angr_par1_ell par 0-1 --> angle
par1 always 0-1 (relative); if el1 is relimited to 0deg-90deg, then
par1=0.5 gives 45deg.
par_Angle = StartAngle + (OpeningAngle * par1)
double UT3D_par1_angr_ell ( double *  lpar,
CurvElli el1 
int UT2D_2angr_el ( double *  angs,
double *  ango,
CurvEll2C el2c 
UT2D_2angr_el get starting- and opening angle of ellipse
angs real-angle between major-axis and startpoint
ango real-opening-angle between startpoint and endpoint
double UT3D_lne_ell ( CurvElli el1)

UT3D_lne_ell get dist center-focus for ellipse

int UT3D_el_ptc_ptx_pt ( CurvElli el1,
Point ptc,
Point ptx,
Point pt1 

UT3D_el_ptc_ptx_pt elli from centerPt,endPtMajAxis,ptOnElli.

int UT3D_npt_ell ( int  ptNr,
Point pa,
CurvElli el3