gCAD3D 2.40
tst_surfaces.c File Reference
#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include "../ut/ut_geo.h"
#include "../ut/ut_geo_const.h"
#include "../ut/ut_cast.h"
#include "../ut/ut_txt.h"
#include "../ut/ut_txTab.h"
#include "../ut/ut_os.h"
#include "../ut/ut_obj.h"
#include "../ut/ut_TX.h"
#include "../ut/ut_plg.h"
#include "../ut/func_types.h"
#include "../ut/ut_ox_base.h"
#include "../ut/ut_memTab.h"
#include "../db/ut_DB.h"
#include "../gr/tess_su.h"
#include "../gr/ut_GL.h"
#include "../gui/gui__.h"
#include "../xa/xa_msg.h"
#include "../xa/xa_mem.h"
#include "../ci/NC_apt.h"
#include "../ut/ut_itmsh.h"
#include "../ut/ut_face.h"
#include "../xa/xa_ato.h"

Data Structures

struct  TessDat__
struct  TessStru


#define TessDatSiz   256
#define P_SIZ   2000


int tst_sel_CB (int src, long dl_ind)
int tst_key_CB (int key)
int APT_decode_su_swp_cyl (ObjGX *ox1, int aus_anz, int aus_typ[], double aus_tab[], Memspc *wrkSpc)
int SUP_load__ (ContTab *cTab, int *cNr, int cMax, Point *pTab, int pMax, ObjGX *oxi)
int TSU_tps_typ (int *sstyp, ObjGX *oxi)
int TSU_draw_sSym (ContTab *cTab, int cNr, Point *pTab, long dbi, int att)
int TSU_DrawSurTPS (ObjGX *oxi, long dbi, int att)
int TSU_tps_tess (ObjGX **gSur, Vector *vcz, ContTab *cTab, int cNr)
int TSU_2D_3D_sbsp (Point *pt2, Point *pt3, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_3D_2D_sbsp (Point *pt3, Point *pt2, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_init_bsp (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_init_pst_add (int ptNr, TessStru *ts1, int bitVal)
int TSU_init_ipa_add (int ptNr, int ips, TessStru *ts1)
int TSU_init_bnd_3D (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_init_tr_3D (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_init_bnd_2D (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_init_pln (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_init__ (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_stps_sur (ObjGX *ox_stps, long dbi, Memspc *wrkSpc)
int TSU_cv_sbsp (long *dbi, ObjGX *ox_sbsp)
int TSU_test_tess__ (long dbi, int att, Memspc *tbuf1)
int TSU_test_tess_PLN__ (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_test_tess_SS_SWP__ (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1, Memspc *tbuf1)
int TSU_test_tess_SS_BSP__ (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_test_tess_SS_BSP_f (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_test_tess_SS_BSP_s (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_tess_add_grid (TessStru *ts1, TessDat__ *td1)
int TSU_tess_add_iSTRIP (int ip1, int ip2, int iNr, TessStru *ts1)
int TSU_test_tess_TPS (long dbi, int att)
int TSU_ptNr_sur (int form, void *data, double tol)
int TSU_wrf__ (TessStru *ts1)
int TSU_test_read (long dbiPln, long dbi)
int TSU_test_intersect (long dbiPln, TessStru *ts1)
int TSU_nfac_ipatch_ts1 (MemTab(Fac3)*ifa, TessStru *ts1)
int TSU_facNr_ipatch (TessStru *ts1)
int TSU_rdf__ (TessStru *ts1)
int tst_surfaces (int ii)
int gCad_fini ()
int SUP_cvcnt_orient__ (MemTab(IndTab)*ncnt, Point *pTab, Vector *vcz)
int MemTab_wrf__ (MemTab *mt, FILE *fp1)
int MemTab_rdf__ (MemTab *mt, FILE *fp1)
int TSU_test_OB__ (long dbiSur)
int TSU_test_OB_1 (int typOB, long dbiOB)
int TSU_dboOB_oSur (int *obTyp, long *obDbi, ObjGX *oxSur)
int DB_GetLinkDat (int *form, void **lDat, int *lNr, ObjGX *ol)


double APT_ModSiz
char AP_mod_fnam [128]
Plane WC_sur_act
 the active construction-plane More...
int WC_modact_ind
static long TSU_dli
static int TSU_mode = 0
int(* TSU_2D_3D_pt )(Point *, Point *, TessDat__ *)
int(* TSU_3D_2D_pt )(Point *, Point *, TessDat__ *)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TessDatSiz   256
#define P_SIZ   2000

Function Documentation

int tst_sel_CB ( int  src,
long  dl_ind 
int tst_key_CB ( int  key)
int APT_decode_su_swp_cyl ( ObjGX ox1,
int  aus_anz,
int  aus_typ[],
double  aus_tab[],
Memspc wrkSpc 
int SUP_load__ ( ContTab cTab,
int *  cNr,
int  cMax,
Point pTab,
int  pMax,
ObjGX oxi 
int TSU_tps_typ ( int *  sstyp,
ObjGX oxi 
int TSU_draw_sSym ( ContTab cTab,
int  cNr,
Point pTab,
long  dbi,
int  att 
int TSU_DrawSurTPS ( ObjGX oxi,
long  dbi,
int  att 
int TSU_tps_tess ( ObjGX **  gSur,
Vector vcz,
ContTab cTab,
int  cNr 
int TSU_2D_3D_sbsp ( Point pt2,
Point pt3,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_3D_2D_sbsp ( Point pt3,
Point pt2,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_init_bsp ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_init_pst_add ( int  ptNr,
TessStru ts1,
int  bitVal 
int TSU_init_ipa_add ( int  ptNr,
int  ips,
TessStru ts1 
int TSU_init_bnd_3D ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_init_tr_3D ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_init_bnd_2D ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_init_pln ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
* TSU_init_pln get contours and normalvector for planar surface
* td1->ssTyp = Typ_SURPLN
* add all contourPoints -> ts1->pa2
* add all indices -> ts1->bnd; one record for each boundary
* get normalvector -> ts1->vcz
int TSU_init__ ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_stps_sur ( ObjGX ox_stps,
long  dbi,
Memspc wrkSpc 
int TSU_cv_sbsp ( long *  dbi,
ObjGX ox_sbsp 
int TSU_test_tess__ ( long  dbi,
int  att,
Memspc tbuf1 
int TSU_test_tess_PLN__ ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_test_tess_SS_SWP__ ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1,
Memspc tbuf1 
int TSU_test_tess_SS_BSP__ ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_test_tess_SS_BSP_f ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_test_tess_SS_BSP_s ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_tess_add_grid ( TessStru ts1,
TessDat__ td1 
int TSU_tess_add_iSTRIP ( int  ip1,
int  ip2,
int  iNr,
TessStru ts1 
int TSU_test_tess_TPS ( long  dbi,
int  att 
int TSU_ptNr_sur ( int  form,
void *  data,
double  tol 
int TSU_wrf__ ( TessStru ts1)
int TSU_test_read ( long  dbiPln,
long  dbi 
int TSU_test_intersect ( long  dbiPln,
TessStru ts1 
int TSU_nfac_ipatch_ts1 ( MemTab(Fac3)*  ifa,
TessStru ts1 
int TSU_facNr_ipatch ( TessStru ts1)
int TSU_rdf__ ( TessStru ts1)

Input: ts1->dbi ts1->mdli

int tst_surfaces ( int  ii)
int gCad_fini ( )
int SUP_cvcnt_orient__ ( MemTab(IndTab)*  ncnt,
Point pTab,
Vector vcz 
int MemTab_wrf__ ( MemTab mt,
FILE *  fp1 
int MemTab_rdf__ ( MemTab mt,
FILE *  fp1 
int TSU_test_OB__ ( long  dbiSur)
int TSU_test_OB_1 ( int  typOB,
long  dbiOB 
int TSU_dboOB_oSur ( int *  obTyp,
long *  obDbi,
ObjGX oxSur 
int DB_GetLinkDat ( int *  form,
void **  lDat,
int *  lNr,
ObjGX ol 

Variable Documentation

double APT_ModSiz
char AP_mod_fnam[128]
Plane WC_sur_act

the active construction-plane

int WC_modact_ind
long TSU_dli
int TSU_mode = 0
int(* TSU_2D_3D_pt)(Point *, Point *, TessDat__ *)
int(* TSU_3D_2D_pt)(Point *, Point *, TessDat__ *)