gCAD3D 2.40
TxtTab Struct Reference

StringList (a class for stacking Textstrings) More...

#include <ut_txTab.h>

Data Fields

long tabSiz
long indSiz
char * tab
int iNr
int stat
long * ind

Detailed Description

StringList (a class for stacking Textstrings)

* tab space for strings (char*)
* tabSiz size of tab (chars)
* ind integerTable; charNr (Startpostion) of string in tab
* indSiz size of ind
* iNr next free position in ind (= nr of strings in tab
* stat 0=fixed size(cannot reallocate); 1=automatic reallocting

Field Documentation

long TxtTab::tabSiz
long TxtTab::indSiz
char* TxtTab::tab
int TxtTab::iNr
int TxtTab::stat
long* TxtTab::ind

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