gCAD3D 2.40
TexRef Struct Reference

texture reference; Typ_TEXR More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

int ibas
float uscx
float uscy
float udx
float udy
float uar
float ssx
float ssy
float px
float py
float pz
float fx
float fy
Vector vx
Vector vy

Detailed Description

texture reference; Typ_TEXR

* ibas index of the Base-Texure
* uscx uscy User-defined-scale in X- and Y-direction;
* udx udy User-defined-offset of texture; 0-1
* uar User-defined-rotationAngle for texture in degree
* ssx ssy surfaceSize in X- and Y-direction;
* px,py,pz origin of surfac
* vx, vy X- and Y-vector of textureplane

Field Documentation

int TexRef::ibas
float TexRef::uscx
float TexRef::uscy
float TexRef::udx
float TexRef::udy
float TexRef::uar
float TexRef::ssx
float TexRef::ssy
float TexRef::px
float TexRef::py
float TexRef::pz
float TexRef::fx
float TexRef::fy
Vector TexRef::vx
Vector TexRef::vy

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