gCAD3D 2.40
TexBas Struct Reference

basic texture description; Typ_TEXB More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

char * fnam
short xSiz
short ySiz
short texNr
short keep

Detailed Description

basic texture description; Typ_TEXB

* dli DispListindex of the Texture UNUSED
* texNr (OpenGL-) TextureNr
* keep 0=do not keep texture; 1=keep.
* fnam Filename (symbolicPath/Filename) of the Texturefile
* xSiz, ySiz size of the Texure in pixels

Field Documentation

char* TexBas::fnam
short TexBas::xSiz
short TexBas::ySiz
short TexBas::texNr
short TexBas::keep

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