gCAD3D 2.40
TessDat Struct Reference

Data Fields

int ssTyp
long ssDbi
void * ssDat
int(* tr_2D_3D )()
int(* tr_3D_2D )()
int(* VC3D_PT3D )()
double rx
double ry
double dx
double dy
double tol
char td [TessDatSiz]

Field Documentation

ObjGX* TessDat::oxs
int TessDat::ssTyp
long TessDat::ssDbi
void* TessDat::ssDat
int(* TessDat::tr_2D_3D)()
int(* TessDat::tr_3D_2D)()
int(* TessDat::VC3D_PT3D)()
double TessDat::rx
double TessDat::ry
double TessDat::dx
double TessDat::dy
double TessDat::tol
char TessDat::td[TessDatSiz]

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