gCAD3D 2.40
SurSwp Struct Reference

SweepSurf Typ_SURSWP. More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

double u0
double u1
double v0
double v1
long indPath
long indCov
short typPath
short typCov
unsigned dir:1

Detailed Description

SweepSurf Typ_SURSWP.

* indPath DB-index path
* typPath typ of path (Typ_LN ..)
* indCov DB-index contour(-cover)element
* typCov typ of contourelement (Typ_CI ..)
* u0,u1 start/end-parameters of path; for all types of contour 0-1
* v0,v1 start/end-parameters of contour; for all types of contour 0-1
* dir direction; 0=CCW, 1=CW.

Field Documentation

double SurSwp::u0
double SurSwp::u1
double SurSwp::v0
double SurSwp::v1
long SurSwp::indPath
long SurSwp::indCov
short SurSwp::typPath
short SurSwp::typCov
unsigned SurSwp::dir

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