gCAD3D 2.40
SurRBSpl Struct Reference

Area: Rat.B-Spline-Surf Typ_SURRBSP. More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

long ptUNr
long ptVNr
int degU
int degV
double v0U
double v1U
double v0V
double v1V
double * kvTabU
double * kvTabV
double * wTab

Detailed Description

Area: Rat.B-Spline-Surf Typ_SURRBSP.

* cpTab[ptUNr*ptVNr] u0v0,u1v0..uUv0;u1v0,u1v1..uUv1;..;uUv0,uUv1..uUvV;

Field Documentation

long SurRBSpl::ptUNr
long SurRBSpl::ptVNr
int SurRBSpl::degU
int SurRBSpl::degV
double SurRBSpl::v0U
double SurRBSpl::v1U
double SurRBSpl::v0V
double SurRBSpl::v1V
double * SurRBSpl::kvTabU
double * SurRBSpl::kvTabV
double * SurRBSpl::wTab
Point* SurRBSpl::cpTab

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