gCAD3D 2.35
ModelBas Struct Reference

basic model description; Typ_SubModel More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

char * mnam
Point po
Point pb1
Point pb2
long DLind
long DLsiz
short typ
short seqNr

Detailed Description

basic model description; Typ_SubModel

mnam .. Modelname
po .. origin
pb1,pb2 boxPoints
DLind .. ind of first obj in DL
DLsiz .. nr of objects in DL
typ .. MBTYP_[EXTERN|INTERN|CATALOG] for native-subModels
Mtyp_[WRL|WRL2|OBJ|STL|TESS] for mockup-subModels

Field Documentation

char* ModelBas::mnam
Point ModelBas::po
Point ModelBas::pb1
Point ModelBas::pb2
long ModelBas::DLind
long ModelBas::DLsiz
short ModelBas::typ
short ModelBas::seqNr

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