gCAD3D 2.40
ImpObj Struct Reference

#include <xa_aux.h>

Data Fields

long ind
long trInd
unsigned char typ
unsigned char form
unsigned stat01:1
unsigned stat23:1
unsigned fTyp:10
unsigned fInd:20
unsigned done:1
unsigned activ:1
void * data
unsigned short siz
unsigned short typ
unsigned short form
unsigned short fTyp

Field Documentation

long ImpObj::ind
long ImpObj::trInd
unsigned char ImpObj::typ
unsigned char ImpObj::form
unsigned ImpObj::stat01
unsigned ImpObj::stat23
unsigned ImpObj::fTyp
unsigned ImpObj::fInd
unsigned ImpObj::done
unsigned ImpObj::activ
void* ImpObj::data
unsigned short ImpObj::siz
unsigned short ImpObj::typ
unsigned short ImpObj::form
unsigned short ImpObj::fTyp

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