gCAD3D 2.35
FacNf Struct Reference

Face with NeigbourFaces. More...

#include <ut_msh.h>

Data Fields

int ip1
int ip2
int ip3
int if1
int if2
int if3

Detailed Description

Face with NeigbourFaces.

ip1, ip2, ip3 index to points
if1, if2, if3 index to NeigbourFaces. -1=outerBound; -2=unresolved; -3=new
if3 / |
/ | if2
/ |
ip1 ----------ip2

Field Documentation

int FacNf::ip1
int FacNf::ip2
int FacNf::ip3
int FacNf::if1
int FacNf::if2
int FacNf::if3

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