gCAD3D 2.40
Dimen Struct Reference

dimension; Typ_Dimen More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

Point2 p1
Point2 p2
Point2 p3
float a1
float a2
char dtyp
char hd
char ld
char uu
char * txt

Detailed Description

dimension; Typ_Dimen

* p1 dimensionpoint 1
* p2 dimensionpoint 2
* p3 textpoint
* dtyp: 0=linear 1=diameter 2=radius 3=angle 21=leader
* hd: heads: 0=none, 1=<, 2=>, 3=/, 4=X; Default is 12.
* ld lines: 0=none, 1=line; Default is 11.
* a1 angle (linear:textline; angle: line1; leader:text)
* a2 angle (angle: line2)

Field Documentation

Point2 Dimen::p1
Point2 Dimen::p2
Point2 Dimen::p3
float Dimen::a1
float Dimen::a2
char Dimen::dtyp
char Dimen::hd
char Dimen::ld
char Dimen::uu
char* Dimen::txt

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