gCAD3D 2.35
CurvPrcv Struct Reference

polygonal_representation_of_curve CurvPrcv More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

long dbi
int mdli
int ptNr
int siz
double * npar
long * nipt
short typ
char fTmp
char uu1

Detailed Description

polygonal_representation_of_curve CurvPrcv

dbi database index of basecurve;
mdli subModelNr; 0-n = sind in Submodel; -1=main
ptNr nr of used points, parameters, indexes
siz size of npt, npar, nipt
npt Point[ptNr] - polygon
npar parameter of point on basecurve (UT_VAL_MAX=undefined)
nipt database index of points; 0=undefined
fTmp 0=malloced-must-free; 1=heapSpc; 2=empty

Field Documentation

long CurvPrcv::dbi
int CurvPrcv::mdli
int CurvPrcv::ptNr
int CurvPrcv::siz
Point* CurvPrcv::npt
double* CurvPrcv::npar
long* CurvPrcv::nipt
short CurvPrcv::typ
char CurvPrcv::fTmp
char CurvPrcv::uu1

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