gCAD3D 2.40
CurvCCV Struct Reference

Trimmed curve CurvCCV Typ_CVTRM. More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

double v0
double v1
long dbi
long ip0
long ip1
unsigned short is0
unsigned short is1
short typ
short us1
char dir
char clo
char trm
char uc1

Detailed Description

Trimmed curve CurvCCV Typ_CVTRM.

* typ type basic curve (L,C,S)
* dbi database index basic curve (0=undef)
* is0 segmentNr of start-parameter (for CurvCCV in CurvCCV only)
* is1 segmentNr of end-parameter (for CurvCCV in CurvCCV only)
* v0 start-parameter on baseCurv (UT_VAL_MAX=undefined)
* v0 gives the startpoint even if dir=bwd. See INF_struct_par
* v1 end-parameter on baseCurv (UT_VAL_MAX=undefined)
* ip0 db-index of startpoint on baseCurv (0=undefined)
* ip0 gives the startpoint even if dir=bwd.
* ip1 db-index of endpoint on baseCurv (0=undefined)
* dir 0=forward, curve along ascending parameters; See INF_struct_dir
* 1=backward, reverse; curve along descending parameters.
* clo closed; 0=yes, 1=not_closed; -1=undefined; see INF_struct_closed
// trm trimmed; 0=yes, 1=not_trimmed, -1=undef; see INF_struct_closed

Field Documentation

double CurvCCV::v0
double CurvCCV::v1
long CurvCCV::dbi
long CurvCCV::ip0
long CurvCCV::ip1
unsigned short CurvCCV::is0
unsigned short CurvCCV::is1
short CurvCCV::typ
short CurvCCV::us1
char CurvCCV::dir
char CurvCCV::clo
char CurvCCV::trm
char CurvCCV::uc1

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