gCAD3D 2.40
CurvBSpl2 Struct Reference

Curve: B-spline Typ_CVBSP2. More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

int ptNr
double v0
double v1
double * kvTab
char deg
char dir
char clo
char trm

Detailed Description

Curve: B-spline Typ_CVBSP2.

* ptNr ... number of control points
* deg ... degree of B-spline curve
* v0 ... B-spline curve start parameter (knot-value)
* v1 ... B-spline curve end parameter (knot-value)
* kvTab[ptNr+deg+1] knot values (non-decreasing, <= v0 < v1 <= )
* cpTab[ptNr] control points
* dir direction; 0=fwd, 1=bwd See INF_struct_dir.
* clo closed; 0=yes, 1=not_closed; -1=undefined; -2=degen
* trm trimmed; 0=yes, 1=not_trimmed, -1=undef; see INF_struct_closed

Field Documentation

int CurvBSpl2::ptNr
double CurvBSpl2::v0
double CurvBSpl2::v1
double * CurvBSpl2::kvTab
Point2* CurvBSpl2::cpTab
char CurvBSpl2::deg
char CurvBSpl2::dir
char CurvBSpl2::clo
char CurvBSpl2::trm

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