gCAD3D 2.40
ColRGB Struct Reference

color, Typ_Color More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

unsigned cr:8
unsigned cg:8
unsigned cb:8
unsigned unused:3
unsigned vtra:2
unsigned vsym:1
unsigned vtex:1
unsigned color:1

Detailed Description

color, Typ_Color

* vtra view transparent; 0=not, 1=25% transparent, 2=50%, 3=75%
* vtex has texture; 0=not, 1=yes; (cr+cg+cb) = textureRefNr
* vsym view normal (0,shaded) or symbolic (1,wireframeboundary)
* color 0=color not active (use AP_defcol); 1=color from cr/cg/cb
* cr,cg,cb red, green, blue; 0-255
* Grafic-Attribute for surface, solid (not line, curve - see Att_ln).

Field Documentation

unsigned ColRGB::cr
unsigned ColRGB::cg
unsigned ColRGB::cb
unsigned ColRGB::unused
unsigned ColRGB::vtra
unsigned ColRGB::vsym
unsigned ColRGB::vtex
unsigned ColRGB::color

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