gCAD3D 2.40
BndSur Struct Reference

Typ_SURBND. More...

#include <ut_itmsh.h>

Data Fields

int suID
int contNr
char typb
char typt
char dir
char stat

Detailed Description


* suID surface-ID (DB-index A)
* contNr contour-nr; first1=1, ..
* typb MSH_EDGLN_BL 2 EdgeLine (BreakLine)
* MSH_EDGLN_IB 3 InnerBound
* MSH_EDGLN_OB 4 OuterBound
* MSHIG_EDGLN_AB 5 OuterBound - automatic created
* MSH_PATCH 6 faces (eg from GLU)
* Typ_SURSTRIP (strip)
* dir 0=undefined; 1=CCW; -1=CW

Field Documentation

int BndSur::suID
int BndSur::contNr
char BndSur::typb
char BndSur::typt
char BndSur::dir
char BndSur::stat

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