gCAD3D 2.40
BMPHeader Struct Reference

Data Fields

char bfType [2]
int bfSize
int bfReserved
int bfOffBits
int biSize
int biWidth
int biHeight
short biPlanes
short biBitCount
int biCompression
int biSizeImage
int biXPelsPerMeter
int biYPelsPerMeter
int biClrUsed
int biClrImportant

Field Documentation

char BMPHeader::bfType[2]
int BMPHeader::bfSize
int BMPHeader::bfReserved
int BMPHeader::bfOffBits
int BMPHeader::biSize
int BMPHeader::biWidth
int BMPHeader::biHeight
short BMPHeader::biPlanes
short BMPHeader::biBitCount
int BMPHeader::biCompression
int BMPHeader::biSizeImage
int BMPHeader::biXPelsPerMeter
int BMPHeader::biYPelsPerMeter
int BMPHeader::biClrUsed
int BMPHeader::biClrImportant

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